Has there been a decrease in your holiday cards this year?

My office (read: ME) usually sends out 150-200 holiday cards this year We also usually hold a little office party the Saturday between Xmas and New Years.

This year is different. The Big Boss announced the office was doing nothing. No money. Real Estate has been hit really really hard the past three months.

Apparently we’re not the only ones. We usually get about 100 cards. This year so far we have three.

I work in insurance claims. We spend lots of money each year on attorneys, investigators and other service providers. There is no shortage of cards from vendors. Though the number of gift baskets has declined. Which is likely a good development.

I’m not getting cards from vendors here, and our office “card display” is looking mighty threadbare.

We got a card from our bank. It’s not the branch we’re “registered with” - that one is kind of far away, since we’ve moved. But it’s the local branch where I pop in every so often to send an international wire - which is harder than it sounds, so I end up spending like an hour there each time.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting they sent us a card this year. The bank was actually sold (National City) and there were/will be job losses.

I take it as a “thank you for all the massive amounts of interest you pay on your Line of Credit so we can keep our jobs” card :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for the nice treat basket one of our partner companies sends over. I don’t think it’s going to happen this year :frowning:

We sent the same number of cards this year as last - almost 50. There is another engineering company who I subconsult for; we send holiday cards together because our client lists overlap so much (we work a LOT together).

We also have about the same number recieved as last year.

This may be because most of our clients are other, larger engineering firms. I’m a one-person outfit and they’re a four-man show.

I did my cookie thing this week - I bake different kinds of Xmas cookies for my favorite clients. The number of cookie tins I gave out is down somewhat from last year - had 7 instead of, like, 10.

On the home front, I seem to have fewer holiday cards at than usual. I sent about the same number as last year.

It has been a veritable desert of cards this year. I’ve only gotten three so far, and two of those were from Dopers. Nothing from my parents, brother, sister, nieces – not even one from my girlfriend.

I haven’t sent any out yet, either. I’m hoping to get that done tonight.