Has there been a "live" suicide on American TV?

If memory servers me right (thanks, Takeshi Kaga), a few years ago a Governor of Guam was indicted for some sort of shenanigans and was being extradited to the mainland to answer for whatever it was. He went down to the main plaza in Agana, wrapped himself in the Guamanian flag, and shot himself. But I wasn’t there at the time, so I don’t know if they carried it live or not. Given all the other strange things on Guamanian TV, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I jsut checked out MEBuckner’s link. Based on the information given regarding felix Mottl and Joseph Keilberth, remind me NEVER to conduct Wagner’s Tristan adn Isolde!! :eek:
Also, I remember a few years back that two guys held up a bank and fired something like 4.8 million rounds of ammunition at police during the escape. IIRC, one of the suspects was being followed by a news helicopter when he was shot by police. On closer inspection, the footage showed that the guy saw police and stuck his handgun under his chin. Am I making this up?

You’re not making it up. I don’t know if it aired live, but I saw the footage of the two men wearing body armor who robbed a bank then got into a shooting match with police. The two men had some kind of assault weapons (AK-47?). The one who shot himself in the head fired the automatic rifle until he was out of ammo, pulled out a pistol and fired a few rounds at police, then stuck it under his chin and pulled the trigger. I think the other guy was shot by police and died a few hours later.

The LA guy was really wierd, I remember it. He was pissed off at his HMO about something, and before he shot himself he had a message written on a bedsheet, something about evil insurance companies or similar ranting. Perhaps this is what the cameraman was zooming in on. Hah, a likely story.

Channel 2 really screwed that one up, and many people feel they did it on purpose. It is the CBS affiliate in LA, and their ratings are consistently behind the other major networks. For whatever reason, car chases do really well here (maybe not enough NASCAR or something) and they probably hoped that the parents would watch. I can only hope that they just didn’t think about the late afternoon timing with the under 18 audience.

It was an unforgiveable lapse for the studio to still be live when the incident occurred. The chase, stop, etc, took quite a while to unfold, so it wasn’t like the network was caught by surprise.

i8pupu, is this the LA robbery that was a street recreation of “Heat” or a different paramilitary assault on a bank?

Airman Doors, USAF I take your comment as meant in good faith

I suggest that you have a false memory here. You certainly saw the entire tape of the event on tv. I have no doubt of that. WHTM was one of perhaps three stations that broadcast the tape in its entirety. But they didn’t do it “live.” NO station did, in my opinion.

The press conference took place in the AM, perhaps 10:00 or so. Dwyer was pronounce dead officially at 11:31 A.M. per NYT article next day. Why were you watching his press conference at 10:00 in the AM? At age ll! Give me a break.

I think that that scumbag station probably started airing the “tape” of the event way before the 6:00 news. And I’m sure you watched it. But it wasn’t live. IMHO.

Sorry if my tone upsets you. It means nothing personal about you, a great poster.

Why wouldn’t they show it live? this sounds like something that they WOULD show live, at least the press conference of some big scandal like this.

Though I saw this on one of the faces of Death movies. not sure which one, probably one of the first two though. He did it very quickly, not a pretty sight.

“Win Samclem’s money”

To Edward the Head and Airman Doors.

Prove to either manahattan or Chronos’ satisfaction that the Dwyer suicide was televised “live” on tv, and I have $50. waiting for each of you. But remember, tape ain’t live.