Has there been a two bus head on collision near L.A in the last 24hrs.

As the title says.
I have been speaking to someone (pants on fire) who I suspect is telling whoppers. apparently her brother was on one bus and was out of his seat when the collision occurred and apparently was found in the centre aisle of the second bus. He survived and is intensive care. I cannot find any info about such a crash.
Also would it be possible for a person to be in an 18 month coma in Australia, wake up (with no long term damage) and be fit enough to emigrate to America (bringing his two younger brothers) and become a police officer in L.A in less than 6 months?

Googling “bus collision los angeles” does not bring up any hits for recent accidents. The LA Times says nothing about it either. I’m guessing BS. “Bus collision” GIS mentions nothing near L.A. recently.

I think you know the answer to this…

Who’s telling you this, and what are they to you?

(I don’t think it’s possible to qualify for LAPD in six months no matter who you are.)

This is a friend who I am starting to suspect lives more in her fantasies than in real life. I don’t think her “brothers” exist but she has a lot of other people convinced. We are not allowed to mention the brothers to her adoptive mum. We have never seen photos. I am more worried that she believes this stuff than if she is just conning us.

My brother-in-law was hospitalized for several months, and in a “medically-induced coma” for part of it, due to liver failure, which led to kidney failure, pneumonia, and a couple other problems. To be able to even walk again after that period of time being confined to a bed, he had to go to an inpatient physical rehabilitation institute and undergo heavy physical therapy for months.

In other words, I think she’s full of shit and/or delusional.

Bus accident in Georgia yesterday…only involved one bus though.