Has there ever been a credible assassination attempt on a US Supreme Court Justice?

It has appeared as a trope in many Hollywood movies and novels, where a justice leaning the opposite direction of the current sitting president is assassinated whereby a new justice can be appointed that will shift the winds of the court.

There are several conspiracy theories about Scalia’s death and lack of autopsy suggesting there may have been foul play.

The closest such attempt I found was on Justice Stephen Field’s life before he was appointed to the Supreme Court. In 1889, while Field was a Federal Circuit Court Judge, a former California Supreme Court Judge, David Terry, attempted to kill Field over his ruling in Terry’s divorce case. Terry was shot and killed by a US marshall, Field’s body guard.

So have there ever been any credible assassination attempts on a sitting US Supreme Court Justice?

Field was actually a member of the U.S. Supreme Court when Terry tried to kill him in 1889. When he ruled against Terry in his divorce case, Field was serving as a visiting judge in the Ninth Circuit Court, but he was also still an Associate Justice of the Supreme court from 1863 to 1897.

Justice David Souter got mugged once in 2004, while he was jogging on a city street in D.C. Stephen Breyer got robbed—and it reads like it was actually a home invasion—while on vacation in 2012 on the island of Nevis, by some guy with a machete. Per the second link, Justice Byron White was attacked in 1982 while giving a speech in Utah. Also per the second link, the Justices are supposed to have U.S. Marshals protecting them. Clearly, the security isn’t as omnipresent as the Secret Service.

EDIT: But as to an out and out assassination attempt, I haven’t found evidence for any in my brief look around.

Thanks, I didn’t realize that.

Chief Justice John Jay was sent by Washington to negotiate a treaty with Great Britain. The resulting treaty was very unpopular and Jay received a number of death threats. But as far as I know, there were no actual attempts to kill him.

To clarify, Jay negotiated the Treaty of Paris in his capacity as an envoy to Britain. He was later appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs and became Secretary of State when Congress renamed the office. He wasn’t appointed to the Supreme Court until 1789, long after the negotiations with Britain.

ETA: Never mind. He also negotiated the Jay Treaty in 1795, while still sitting on the court (he resigned very shortly afterwards to become Governor of New York).