Has There Ever Been a Fistfight on Big Brother (US, UK or Otherwise)?

On last night’s (7/20/04) US Big Brother, a couple of housemates looked they were going to start throwing down fisticuffs. One of the participants (Scott) is just begging to get his ass kicked. If not last night, then soon enough.

That begs a question: obviously since I’m in the US I don’t get to see BB UK, or BB Africa, or BB Netherlands, or BB Outer Slombovia. Surely the mix of personalities and the pressure cooker atmosphere of BB has led to swinging fists on some edition of this show, somewhere.

Or has it? Has there evere been a fistfight on any edition of Big Brother?

I can’t say for sure about BB, but I know that Survivor has a very strict rules against fighting. From the CBS Survivor Rules web site.

Big Brother Fight UK

I think this is what you’re chasing.