Has there ever been a romance movie that appealed to a primarily male audience?

For the most part it seems porn is for men and romance movies are for women. Is there an exception to the rule?

I would have narrowed the topic down to romance movies that appeal primarily to straight men but I doubt even that is necessary, as I’d be willing to bet a gay romance like Brokeback Mountain still had a larger female than male audience.

The Fly (Cronenberg remake). Laugh if you will but that movie has always struck me as much more a love story than a horror or sci-fi film.

Edited to add: Actually, the original Fly also has all the makings of a love story, as well.

I can think of two ways to make a man’s romance:

First, learn from the sorts of movies that appeal to men. Men like action movies, so give the protagonists interesting lives with interesting challenges. And if you want to make the audience laugh, make it witty and/or awesome, not awkward.

Second, lesbians. For example, Valerie’s story in V for Vendetta.

I Love You, Man.

I dunno, maybe Broadcast News? It appealed to me, anyway.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot the obvious answer: Annie Hall.

Brian’s Song?

D&R, OK, I got nothing

I’m guessing you are looking for movies that specifically in the romance genre - not “horror movies with a love story” or “sports movies with a love story” etc…

I think sleazy movies from the 70s about swinging bachelors are the ones that best fit the bill - movies like Alfie or Betty Blue. There are probably more European than American movies of this type.

I understood what the OP was looking for and my answer still stands. The Fly is first and foremost a love story.

I think you are confusing two separate things: romantic (comedies) that appeal to men, and romantic comedies that appeal to more men than women.

I think there’s a bunch of romantic comedies that appeal to men, especially those that feature actors that actually can act rather than just be blonde. In particular, Something’s Gotta Give, As Good as it Gets, When Harry Met Sally, etc. Good dialogue, good acting, and an intelligent plot are universally appealing.

However, I really doubt we’re ever going to see a romantic comedy where male viewers outnumber female. I think logically, there’s three combinations of male/female that go to films:

  1. Male/Male
  2. Male/Female
  3. Female/Female

No matter how good the romcom is, I don’t think it will ever attract #1, while movies in other genres attract all three. If 2 and 3 always go, and 1 never goes, then males will never outnumber females.

Yeah but you wouldn’t find it in the Romance section of the video store. :slight_smile:

Judd Apatow seems to have found a way to make romantic comedies that appeal largely to men.

The movie that I always call a romcom for guys is Mallrats. The entire plot is around two guys who get dumped and try to win back their girlfriends. How they win them back is what makes it appeal to guys more then chicks.

I always liked DeepThroat and my dates rarely seemed to find the same romance in it I did.

The Baxter maybe? Directed towards geeky guys who can relate to being that guy.

L.A. Story or Roxanne might be in the ballpark; Steve Martin’s quirky humor from that period does seem to be more of a guy thing.

My male friends and I still sometimes make reference to the 1989 Cameron Crowe film Say Anything…. Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack’s character) was/is a sort of hero for us. :smiley:

Good example. I’d say Chasing Amy also, but I’m sure many viewers would find the “lesbian-falls-in-love-with-straight-guy” context to be chauvanistic or just ridiculous. There is a good bit in the film explaining that away, though.

Dumb and Dumber.


“Bull Durham.” My husband watches it pretty much every year.