Has trump ever in his life suffered any consequences of his illegal acts in any area?

“But we promise to revisit this decision as soon as hell freezes over. Or pigs fly. Whichever comes first.”

So brave of them to pull their tournaments now that his time as the president is at an end, and he won’t have the ability to set tariffs on golf balls or whatever. I guess they were fine with everything he’s done up until the last week.

True. They were initially seeing DumpsterFire as some sort of an ambassador of golf; now that he’s an embarrassment for golf - cut and run.

Reports say these actions have really ground his gears. If true, glad to hear it. Like everything else - tournaments/pros as friends/course ownership/cheating was all about him.

Also, Cumulus Media/Westwood One has commanded that its radio talk show conservative water-carriers cease their lies about election fraud immediately or be summarily fired (link from Daily Mail because it’s the only one I could find that wasn’t paywalled - WaPo and NYT are reporting same; the Mail is perhaps feeling the burn a bit? heh):

The megaphone just gets smaller and smaller (easier for tiny hands to hold, I guess).

And … as reported already in other threads, Bill Belichick has decided not to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday. Think of how hard those thumbs are twitching right now …

That may be the first principled thing Belichick has ever done. Either that or he was afraid of being attacked by an unruly mob.

Hopefully some amount of principle, but I’m certain a large amount of “don’t piss off my players” was sprinkled over the top.

Ironic, isn’t it, that these things should happen in exactly the week that we would love to hear some tweeting from this motherfucker?

Ehh… all this, to him, only confirms that they are only “standing up” to him now because he has lost the power to punch back (and he’s not completely wrong about that, is he???). So from his POV he’s not really experiencing consequences, this is just proof that no one has ever been treated more unfairly.