Has your spider sense ever tingled?

Ever have one of those times where a little voice in your head tells you to do something or not do something and it averts an unforseen disaster? I think we all have. I know I have several times, but two most prominent memories are when I was in High School and college.

In HS I worked delivering pizzas for awhile. I had a delivery to a house that was in the middle of nowhere, just barely in our delivery radius. I recognized the name, too. It belonged to a guy that I knew it was trouble. He was the guy like Todd from the old Beavis and Butthead cartoons. He was a senior in HS for like 3 years before finally NOT graduating and dropping out and eventually ended up in jail. Anyway, I got to this house and pulled the pizza out of the hotbox in the backseat. As I turned to go to the door of this old house in the middle of nowhere I saw that there were no lights on anywhere…and I could hear people moving around in the bushes. A voice inside of my head said Get out of here…NOW! I hopped back in the car and went back to the store. The boss said the customers had called and complained, saying they saw me pull up and then leave without delivering the pizza. I told my boss he could fire me if he wanted to, but I wasn’t going back there. He sent another driver…who promptly got mugged and beaten up at the door of that house.

A few years later in college (my sophomore year) I met this girl I’ll call Amy. (for 'twas not her name) She was a freshman and it was the beginning of the semester. Now, Amy had an incredible body and long blonde hair…her only visible problem was she should have had braces when she was a child. Still, she fell for every stupid pickup line I used which in itself should have been a warning. (trust me, this was the mid-80’s, they were extremely lame lines). I scored a date with her and wanting to be as impressive as a broke-ass 19 year old college kid can be decided to take her to a reasonably nice restaraunt. Wearing a tie I showed up to pick her up and she was wearing…well, remember Prince and the Revolution back in the 80’s? Remember the wierd Ben Franklin/18th century stuff they wore, particularly the 2 chicks in the band, Wendy and Lisa? Well, thats what she was dressed like. When I first met Amy she was dressed like a normal person, but now…oooh boy. Still, I was horny, so we went to eat. Now Amy was giving me goo-goo eyes the whole time and playing footsie with me at the restaraunt so I must have hit the right buttons…however all she talked about was how many times she got high in High School and woke up somewhere with a hangover.

I took her home, not really expecting anything but still horny as hell. When we got to her door she opened it and turned around with come hither eyes and told me her roommate was out for evening so I should come in…roooowrrr…she even made it a point to show me as much of her boobs as she could without stripping right there. Remember the part in Animal House where the angel and the devil show up on Pinto’s shoulders? Thats what happened to me. Here I was standing there with a half Peter Parker half Spider-Man face with squiggly lines projecting from my head and the devil was saying Go on! Bone her brains out! Hump her to death! Break her kneecaps with orgasms! You know she wants it bad! and the angel saying If you do this you’ll be sooooorrrrrrryyyyyy… I decided to err on the side of caution, made excuses and left her disappointed at the door. For a week or so she kept coming on to me at school, but I turned her down. So she dated another guy I knew…and the weekend after he dated her he had VD and crabs. My roommate laughed about that and told me “Its a good thing your spider sense was tingling, man.”

Those are great stories.

Yes, I’ve definitely felt the tingle, but I can’t say whether I avoided a crisis or not. The most memorable time, I was riding a subway home around 9PM with a friend of mine. My friend got off, and I got the weirdest feeling from the guy who had been sitting right behind us. I got the sense he had been listening in to our conversation or something. There wasn’t anything particularly distinctive about the way he looked. He was a bit older, maybe late fifties, nondescript dress, plain expression. He looked like a normal guy who maybe shops at Sears or KMart. The only thing that looked strange to me is that he seemed to have a lot of ear hair.

I don’t know what it was, but he really creeped me out. I can’t remember how we got separated (I think I moved to the far side of the car, or maybe switched cars), and a couple of stops later I got out to switch to a different train. While I was waiting, I looked down the platform and I noticed the guy was standing on the platform too, quite a ways away, kind of looking around. Well, that’s not unusual. A lot of people switch trains at that stop, bad luck that we happened to use the same trains. He was nearly at the other end of the platform, so I thought at least we wouldn’t get on the same car. I ducked behind a pillar, and didn’t think he saw me.

When the new train came, I got on. A couple of minutes later this guy walked in from another car. Based on where he had been standing earlier, he must have walked through at least 2 or 3 moving cars. He walked all the way through the car (by a lot of empty seats) to my end, and sat down a couple of seats away from me. I have never in my life felt that strong of a “tingle” - my hair literally stood on end. At the next stop I waited until just before the doors closed, dashed off the train, and waited for the next one.

I don’t know if or what sort of danger he might have posed, but I got a reaaaaaaallllyyyyy bad “vibe.” I have no good reason for it, but I’m convinced that guy was serious bad news. That was at 2 or 3 years ago, and I still get a cold feeling when I think of it. Brr.

I was in the grocery store fairly late one night (say, 2am-ish) in the huge produce section, and noticed a guy who seemed to be staring at me. A short look, moving around and picking up other merchandise, then looking again. He was huge-- I’m 6’ tall and not a waif, and he was intimidatingly large to me-- and wearing a well-used black leather jacket and worn denim, and had a beard. So I watched him back, carefully, and moved on to the deli section. I was totally skeeved out by this big burly guy who was, obviously, stalking me!

He followed me there, and walked up to me, and standing a few feet away said “Do I know you from somewhere?” And at that short range, I could finally see the tiny little enamel pink-triangle pin, and realized that he recognized me from the campus GLBA (gay group) meeting. Crisis averted, he was a friend of a friend who hadn’t been sure he recognized me, and we exchanged a few pleasantries and then I finished my shopping.

I often wonder how many of the “surely a creep or stalker” stories that I hear might have endings like this.

We were living in Florida, Orlando-ish.
Family rummages sale, with me in charge.
My Brother & his 3 friends in his room, on the computer.

4 guys drive up, college age, & it’s all way wrong!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

I run to the back room, & shout for by brother & his friends to come, & come armed! And hurry!

I rush back out, & these 4 guys are smirking, & the Spidey Sense is worse!

They all start closing in on me, & then the guys boil out of the house.
My Bro has a Bowie Knife, one friend has a steel mace that a welder friend made for my brother, & the other two have bats.

The 4 smirkers back off.

I ask them: “Is there anything we can help you boys with?”

They say: “No.”

I say: “Don’t come back to this neighborhood.”

They say: “We won’t.”
They leave, & my Brother & all his friends all understand–all four of them had gotten the same vibe off these smarmy jerks I did.

They were gonna rob the sale for beer money, or for kicks.