Has your water been tasting funny lately?

Sounds yummy huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

So far none of the articles I’ve read confirmed if this was drinking water. But I wouldn’t want to shower in it either.

My water comes from a well - I choose not to imagine what might be floating around in the aquifer. It comes out of the tap clear and it tastes like water - what more could I ask??

Still, ick!

My granddads well had too much iron to drink. They only used well water for sinks, shower etc. All their faucets and sinks were permanently rust stained.

Drinking water came from an open wooden cistern. Tasted ok. No one ever climbed up and looked to see what birds or other critters might be in it. Some things are best left unknown. :wink:

Cisterns were used for centuries and provided safer water than the polluted streams.

Unlike the USA which has water towers all over the place, homes in the UK have their own water storage tank in the attic. All kinds of nasty things can get into them. I was advised to only drink water from the kitchen cold water spout as the rest comes from a tank in the attic.

I read that as “waiter”, and my mind was immediately filled with images of a NSFW restaurant.

Judging by Bones and other crime shows on TV, a dead body in a water tank is an incredibly common occurrence and causes red gooey stuff to flow through the shower head. :rolleyes:

Out at the ranch there’s a dozen old homesteads, each of which had an underground cistern that was lined w/ rock. I usually take a look whenever I come across one. Some are full of debris, some of cow bones and, of course, one seemed positively full of SNAKES!
All writhering around.
If you fell in they’d be all over you.

Was she wearing a clown suit?

I hope the guests got booked into another hotel. I’ve heard Fawlty Towers is nice – it only has two dead pigeons in the water tank.

*Elisa was a little Lam,
her skin was white as snow.

Because she’s been wet for a week,
held by your faucet’s flow.*

Are those tanks easy to get into?

Notice that it’s at the Cecil Hotel? hmmmm…


A couple updates. Nude? Where did her clothes go? Nothing hazardous? The dates they gave makes it sound like she’d been in there three weeks.

This happened before in Bangkok, and in the same hotel where David Carradine died, the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel.

In the mid-1990s, it was still a Hilton. As I reported elsewhere on the Board, a prostitute went missing on her way to meet a client there. They found the body in a water-storage tank on top of the hotel several days later. Yes, the water that was pumped into the rooms and kitchens. Lovely. It eventually transpired that a security guard had killed her in the carpark. She’d asked him for directions to the client’s room, he made some smart-ass remark to her about being a prostitute, she ripped him a new asshole mouthing off to him, so he killed her. Dumped the body in the water tank and took off for his village in the Northeast without so much as a by your leave. Since he disappeared about the same time the girl was last seen alive, the police put two and two together and found him in his village.