Hasn't The Shark Cage Thing Been Done Enough?

Why do people want to be lowered into the ocean, in an anti-shrak cage?
Hasn’t this been done to death?
What can we possibly learn by repeating this experiment?
Or, do people do this for fun?

Yes, it has.
It’s gotten to the point that shark TV shows are downright boring. Let me know when one breaks a cage and has an unscheduled snack.

I’d do it for fun in a heartbeat if it seemed too dangerous to just dive with the sharks.

So, since I haven’t yet done it, it hasn’t yet been done enough.

[QUOTE: an anti-shrak cage QUOTE]

Can never be too careful when confronted by an alarmingly angry shrak.

I’d absolutely do it if my vacation budget ever ran to it. Diving with sharks is fun. Diving with 15 ft monsters that could eat you is only moreso.

Anyone see the segment on this past week’s 60 minutes done by Anderson Cooper on the guy in South Africa that swims with great white sharks without the cage?

Cooper wetsuited up and joined him in the ocean with several great whites around in chummed waters without the cage.

Yeah, that was just insane. The guy called the sharks “Players” if he thought they were just curious. And he completely downplayed the fact that sharks are just like infants - they’ll put something in their mouth to find out what it is. Except great white sharks have a 4 ft wide mouth and several hundred sharp serrated teeth.

Life has been done to death. I doubt you’ve ever done anything that hasn’t been done in some form thousands of times before.