Hate Speech Question

If someone posted:

Would that qualify as hate speech?

What if it were about some other religious group?

I would not consider that hate speech. Judaism, as a moral philosophy, promotes a great many ideas and attitudes towards other people, and towards life in general. If a person feels those ideas and attitudes are in some way destructive or immoral, it’s not hate speech to say so. Personally, I wouldn’t have any problem dismissing the person who said it as a bigot, but being a bigot isn’t against the board rules.

I would note that I said the above, but I said it about Christians, and there is no ancestral component to Christianity. I don’t hate Christians (except for those that are supporting making this country a worse place) I hate *Christianity *because it churns out people that accept nonsense as the final answer. Does that make me bigoted? I’d say not. If you are a fuzzy, unthinking Christian, I think you’re doing something stupid, but I don’t hate you. After all, I play table top RPGs and that’s certainly stupid. But if you donate to a church that works to ban gay marriage, you’re a bigot and promoting bigotry.

That said, Judaism as a religion is certainly silly, as are all religions, but not particularly. The really Orthodox dudes are up there with the disdain of women though.

Well I see posts like that all the time in the Pit. I can understand condemning fundamentalism whether Christian, Jewish, or whatever. It’s toxic. However trying taking worst examples of a group, and trying to make the whole group fit the definition of it’s worst, well that don’t seem fair. Seems like a very ugly attitude to me.

For whatever reason a good chunk of Christians have decided against fundamentalist definitions. For whatever reason the sexual, racial, and women’s rights revolutions happened in society’s full of Christians, despite very strong Christian fundamentalist objections.

They’re just people trying to make the best of a disorderly world, with imperfect senses trying to make do with subjective truth. Could they maybe do better with the evidence thing to get more accurate subjective truth? No argument. Some total jerks? More than some. Am I using Rhetorical Questions too much? Maybe! But are some good people. At the risk of projecting I think most of them are just afraid of death. When I lost my faith there was the liberating feeling of guilt free masturbating intermixed with the complete horror that when I die, nothing. Anyone who ever lived and died is gone forever. It’s like losing every loved one who previously died all over again.

However I beg you please attack the bigots, the jerks, and the bad ideas, but maybe lay off the personal attacks on large swaths of otherwise innocent people. I know good smart people in the C and A sides of the camp, a bit a of twit in the T camp. I don’t like seeing good people any camp get hassled.

I thank you for your post, and now that I’ve said my peace I think you’re right

That’s certainly fair. I know that the majority of American Christians aren’t the problem, maybe I lose sight of that.

Alright, this much agreement and good will is freaking me out. I’m closing this before this gets out of hand.