Hate To Fly? Take A Train From NYC To London!

Granted, it will be a 5,000 mile trip, but if this plan to build a tunnel to allow trains from Alaska to Russia pans out, you could hop on a train in NYC and zip over to London.

I think it might be wise to book a seat or sleeping compartment for this trip as I doubt you want to stand the whole way. Be sure to pack a lunch or two.

I don’t think passenger travel would be common on it. Heavy freight 24/7.

I wonder if the connection from British Columbia into Alaska might not be more expensive to build than the cross-strait link?

Unless this is the plot of Chunnel 2: Northwest Passage, I think you put this in the wrong forum.

Yeah, seems more MPSIMS material.

I would so take a ride to get from our railhead to the european railhead for shits n giggles sometime, I think it would be a freaking blast.

I think we spend about 2k each to fly to Europe, it runs about that to go round trip in cattle class on a Cunard lines ship, so if they could bring it in for about that each way, in a sleeper compartment, we would consider it, sort of like an on land version of a cruise. I would be reasonably happy being able to look at the country side in comfort as we transit back and forth. Plug in for the laptop for some music, 3 meals and occasional snacks, sounds very relaxing.

OK, I must be missing something. I don’t see where the jump in the thought process comes from building a 65 mile tunnel to being able to build a 5,000 mile tunnel. :confused:

Start in New York, take a train up to Alaska, pass through the proposed tunnel to Russia, then travel overland to France, then through the Chunnel to London. The trip is 5000 miles, not the tunnel.

It would be an extraordinarily neat trip, to say the least.

5000 miles *westwards *from NYC to London? No way. It’s got to be much more than that.

According to Google Earth, such a trip would be between 10,000-11,000 miles.

Hmm. You may be right. It’s ~4000 miles from NYC to Anchorage alone.

Yeah, more like 20,000 miles

Pass. New York to Lisbon is only 3,400 miles on a ship and Canada and Siberia don’t strike me a riveting landscape.

Anybody here read Harry Harrison’s A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah? It’s set in an alternative history where air travel never developed. Hence…a transatlantic tunnel. Fun book.

Just need a train that travels ~2,000 MPH and it may just start making sense.

The idea originated in this 1935 film, based onthis 1913 novel. TMC shows it from time to time.

Where would the freight/passenger volume come from to pay for the operating costs, to say nothing of the construction costs, for a Bering tunnel/bridge/whatever? Air is free and airplanes are fast.

I remember is, but I think they had dirigibles in the book. I remember being intiruged by the idea of giving the tunnel a slight positive buoyancy when they went over a rift, so it could float like a bridge. They also had Babbage machines for calculations. Kind of an early steampunk novel