"Hateful chatter behind the veil"

“Hateful chatter behind the veil”, what a terrific headline from this article in today’s Globe. I urge you to check it, even registering if need be (it’s free and being able to read the full piece makes the small investment of your time more than worth it).

Yes, please read the article yourself because you won’t believe me if I said a woman who, along with her family, was welcomed to Canada, “hardly ever calls Canada by its name, rather repeatedly referring to it as”:

When asked, “what makes Canada unique” her thoughtful response was:

But wait, it gets better. Here’s a warm sentiment expressed by her girlfriend, another recent arrival:

How about this little snippet (from the article):

As you might imagine, these little diatribes have elicited a less than understanding response from many of the Globe’s readers (check the e-comments). Alas, it’s “many” not “all” - the usual apologists still spew their disingenuous horseshit.

I can try and make this into a complex, articulate, well-thought-out rant. But nothing I can post here could possibly rival the vile, rabid, words of those ingrates. So, how about a pithy, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY, you whores. Go back to the land of your birth and revel in the freedom you’ll enjoy there. FUCK YOU”.

Much as I’d love to imagine that Canada, my beloved home, was free of idiots and bigots and idiotic bigots and bigoted idiots, it ain’t gonna happen.

Well, one more reason it should be easier to deport non-citizens.

Gotta go with this sentiment. You know, there is a point at which “Land of the Free” and such needs to be limited. And this type of “person” should be the first deported. Yeah, yeah…I can hear the bleeding hearts bleating already. “How do you know who to deport? What about governmental abuse? Won’t somebody think of the children?” Piss on them all. I’m getting sick and tired of extremists of all stripes. Especially immigrants who rail against the country that gave them sanctuary. Kick their sorry asses out, and let someone else worry about them. Those of us who care about the country, and the millions of immigrants who are happy to be here won’t miss them a bit.

How’d you like to be the person who brings the pigs’in’a’blanket to her Pampered Chef party?

Ironic that the ads to the side are for “Islamic Ring Tones”.

I’ll never understand emigrants who hate the country they live in. Leave. It’s one word but it’s so simple. I’ll also never understand Muslims who simply will not completely disavow this type of behavior as despicable and evil without inserting a BUT anywhere in the argument, or as a CNN analyst recently said, “Muslims need their own Bill Cosby”.

Airport thattaway------>
If they were brought here as kids and don’t like it now, fine, you’re grown ups now, grow a fucking ovary and move somewhere you want to be. Also, screaming for jihad while hiding behind their husband’s robes is just too precious. It’s easy to advocate violence, if you aren’t risking your own ass. If you want to be a subservient woman like your koran/bible/cult leader says, then shut your fucking mouth and go get the rest of us something to eat. Leave the politics and theology to your betters. That’s a good girl.

This kind of freaky antifeminism gives me the grrrrs.

(slight xpost w/Sampiro, but the feminista rant is all me!) :smiley:

Oh, the ironing, how it burns me. It’s a brilliant strategy: make your country less democratic in response to people who don’t like democracy. That’s worked SO well for us thus far. And I’m sure the government would be flattered that you don’t care if it violates the laws that are supposed to protect the people in the name of protecting the people. No problems there either.

Speaking of irony, there’s this from the linked article:

Turns out she’s a waste of that education AND a waste of carbon. People like this just make me sick.

Does anybody else have unwanted images of poor little Janet Jackson being abused on Good Times ca. 1977?

Actually her story reminds me a bit of Zacarias Moussaoui’s. He was from a traditionalist north African Muslim family that moved to France. His father became abusive to his mother and children, his mother did what she’d have never had the opportunity to do in her homeland- she moved out, supported her children doing menial jobs and worked her way up to a successful business owner- while Moussaoui turned radical Islamist and denounced the very values and freedoms of the western world that allowed his mother (a child bride turned battered wife) to escape a hellacious existence. And then there’s the stranger case of John Walker Lindh who disavowed his family’s affluent and liberal lifestyle but allowed them to support him while he studied Islam and traveled to Pakistan then to Taliban run Afghanistan (where by all accounts he was not a good Muslim but was respected as a trophy American).

My Saudi (and Dutch) friends chatted over this at breakfast. We all agree:

  1. Arabic is not a secret code. Do not use it as such.

  2. Women, obviously much more deadly than men.

Why do you hate Canada?

It always makes me :rolleyes: at people who live in a free country and espouse views against the free country that wouldn’t even be allowed in their home country… They gain the freedom to speak by living in a country that doesn’t limit freedom.

Karl Marx, anyone? Anyway I couldn’t read both pages of the article. The first one disgusted me enough.

And if that point isn’t when teenagers start posting vile opinions on the internet, why, I don’t know when it is!

Nobody is suggesting making the country less democratic. Every citizen gets a vote. Everyone keeps all their civil rights.

From the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

  1. (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

If you aren’t a citizen of this country you have no right to be here; persons invited to come here do so at the pleasure of Her Majesty’s government. If the people cited in the OP haven’t been granted citizenship yet, kick them the fuck out. Lots of decent people trying to immigrate into Canada are available to replace them.

These people remind me of nothing more than Ernst Zundel, the neo-Nazi jackass they finally deported years ago. Zundel kept fighting deportation because he said his right to freedom of speech was being violated. Sure, I agree he should have been able to say whether he wanted. He should have been allowed to keep saying it right up to the point they loaded his sorry ass on the plane to Frankfurt. If you’re a guest here, don’t piss on the carpet.

A government’s first responsibility is to it’s citizens. I don’t foresee too big of an outcry if the whole lot of them is deported if they are not citizens.

I don’t understand why that article isn’t on the front frigging page of the Globe’s website!

But as it is, I’m glad that hate-spewing cunts who want their husbands to wage war against the country they live in will soon be hunted down by these guys.

I’m sure this has been said before, in far snappier fashion, but…that gives a whole new meaning to “Mounties.” :smiley:

I’ve got some small * disagreement here: the immediate kicking out. Immigrants as well as citizens should enjoy the right to piss and moan about the gov’ts, the weather, the frequency of street cleaning etc. If you start lurching into Zundel/Klansmen/Bin Laden rhetoric in public fora (a primer here for the un-Canadian Dopers), resulting in conviction for, say, conspiracy to blow shit up with your husband, toodles.

I’m all for chucking them out. Let’s just make with a speck of due process first.
*I’m wondering if this Lady MacBeth crap could be seen as a CCC offence.

Jesus, that was great! Laughed my ass off…

And this is pretty priceless too-

Wow… I can understand US hatery by Islamic fundies, as we’re kind of rough round the edges, can be arrogant to newcomers and don’t really give a shit what they think which drives them batshit, but hating Canada … that’s… that’s like hating puppies or something.