Hatin' on banks, now I'm bewildered by my *credit union*

Shaking my head here.

We have a variety of accounts with a credit union. Been dealing with them for 20+ years, they provide great service, etc.

We have a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) with them. Based on the balance, our minimum payment is right about 275.00. I have a monthly transaction scheduled, for the last day of the month, to pay them 290.00. This has worked quite well for a year or more now.

Today, I logged in to check on something and saw that not one, but TWO, payments of 290.00 had been taken out of our account. Only one of these was paid against the HELOC. The other one was apparently floating off into the ether.

So, I sent them a message. The reply said something like “there’s an automatic pre-approved transfer, then your manually-scheduled one, they both hit, so I’ve canceled both of them, just let me know which one you want to have happen in the future.”. Er, why both? and why was this pre-approved transfer never an issue before? but OK, I’ll just re-pay. I figured the “automatic pre-approved transfer” is how they’ve handled loans in the past, where the payment gets automatically made even if you didn’t specifically say to do so… though why it just happened to be for 290, vs 275, remains a mystery.

So anyway I redid the transfer online. An hour later I get a phone call, trying to explain what was going on, and “and we’ll cancel that manual one you made today”. At this point I was shaking my head wondering WTF.

So apparently she’s insistent this has to happen this way… so that third transfer will also have to be canceled (but that can’t happen until tomorrow)… so tomorrow I guess I’ll have to pay the damn thing a FOURTH time… :smack: :smack: :smack:.

le sigh…

Anyway - for those folks who have a well-earned hatred of the Big Banks, and a well-earned love of the credit unions, just bear in mind that even the CUs ain’t perfect.