Hauss, when come back, read this.

I’ve been where you are, dude, and the folks around here have been mostly less than helpful. Honest, but less than helpful.

I understand the anxiety that lead to your posts, and why you would want to walk away from this situation, but consider:

You’re going to be the person you are for the rest of your life. Are you going to be someone who walked away from a life he helped create, or someone who stepped up and did the best he could in the face of unfortunate circumstance? You’ll be much happier if you’re second person. I’m the guy who knows.

I was once affianced, very much in love, and a pair of biological clocks started going off like the intro to Pink Floyd’s Time. We started skipping the birth control. Things went downhill, She freaked out, informed me she never loved me, it had all been an act, and would I just go away and never contact her again, please. I insisted she pee on a stick before the final breakup, bought the kit myself. Guess what it said? She insisted she wanted nothing more to do with me, ever, threatened restraining orders, all of it. She claimed she would not name me as father, didn’t want any child support from me, just go away. I respected her wishes, but kept tabs on her through mutual friends, and knew when she was due. She was served in the hospital with a paternity suit, brought by myself.

My daughter is almost four, now, and lives in another state, but she knows she has a daddy who loves her. We talk at least once a week. I even got acknowledgement that I had done right in the face of a tsunami of crap from her mom.

You’re not the first guy to go through this, Hauss. Please do the right thing, primarily for yourself. There is help out there. No joke, this is a massive change for your life, but it can be one for the better if you are tempered by the fire, rather than melting.


I started that as a new thread so that Hauss would see it, he’s been so bashed in the other thread, let alone the Pit, I’ve my doubts he’d open them again.

Apologies if the mods feel it was inappropriate as a new thread.

Bravo Sonoran King, Bravo.

Sage advice Hauss should you read this.


Dear SLK:

Your post is either a sophisticated woosh, or you are a class act. I’ll vote for the latter. Guys like hauss need guys like you. As do the rest of us.

We already have a thread on this subject in both IMHO and The BBQ Pit…