Have a Happy Thanksgivings everyone.

Have a Happy Thanksgivings everyone. I’ve got one more bread to get out of the bread maker for my wife and I am off to sleep.

Jim Franchi

Happy Thanksgiving. The bread smells good. :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving you too you, good sir!

Hope you get as stuffed as I plan to get!

Happy Thanksgiving , all! Stuff yourselves, fall alseep on the couch, and leave the dishes for tomorrow.

It’s cornbread baking here.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jim and everyone. May you find happiness everywhere you look.

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, and brownies are all n the oven. The dinner’s at my FIL, but it smells good here!


And to you.

And a safe and happy holiday to all. :slight_smile:

This is the one time of year I can say this without it being rude:


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American doper friends!

Everybody else, well, have a great day!

Thanks everyone. The house is clean and the Turkey is in. At Noon I heat a smoke turkey on the grill and then I am on Potato pealing duty. :wink:

Thankfully my Sisters and Aunts usually kick in on the post dinner clean-up. I will probably hide in the baement and shoot pool. I know I’m a stinker. :slight_smile:


Dang it must be noisy at your house what with all those potatoes pealing! :smiley:

Cooks don’t have to clean – it’s an established fact.

Right now, I’ve got that traditional Thanksgiving smell of curry wafting through the house (roasting the sweet potatoes prior to mashing them) – then I’ll shower and head over to my sister’s. Oh, and get dressed. :wink:

Enjoy, all!

All right – my wife is at work, and I’ve got a bird to burn! BWA HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Potatoes are peeled, the bird is prepped (but no stuffing inserted yet; that’s a no-no), next I’ll do the string beans …
And this year, I’ve got this entire board to be grateful for! What a great group! :slight_smile:

Have a very happy thanksgiving, u.s. dopers…from us Canadian dopers…

Sláinte! Cheers, all, be well. :wink: