Have a real colleague who's Wilson to your House? (Or vice-versa)

Whilst watching House I remembered a moment from today at work with a colleague of mine where we had a conversation which went round in circles. He was largely confused and I was trying to explain something. I think the things I were saying (or should that be ‘was’) were quite clear in that I was mostly giving straight answers to his questions and then telling him what is happening, yet it still revolved several times. This often happens with me and this particular person.

Anyway, I just thought. Are we like House and Wilson? Which one am I? Every conversation we have is difficult or leads to difficulties, yet I like him and I suspect he likes me (but is OFTEN more than a little pissed off with me at times) I guess that makes me House.

Yeah, because I like the idea that I am House so naturally I’d come to that conclusion.

Anyway. As is often the case with my threads I will now make this a “Post yours” thread. I’ll do that by asking - Do you have a colleague with which (or should that be ‘who’ or ‘whom’) you interact similarly to House and Wilson?

I’m Wilson. ::sigh::

:smack:I thought this thread was about philosophical nextdoor neighboors who talk to you over the fence…

In anyswer to your question - I can’t come up with any relationships in which one of us is enough of a brilliant asshole to be House.

Howdy, neighbor!

I’ve never watched House.