Have Any Dopers Tried Durian Fruit??

Hi Everyone!

I was just curious if any Dopers have ever tried Durian fruit.

If you have ever tried it, did you enjoy it?

If you didn’t enjoy it on your first try, would you give it another chance?

If you DID enjoy it, have you tried it in anything like:

Durian fruit smoothies
Durian fruit milk shakes
Durian fruit jam and jelly

Do you have any durian fruit stories that you’d like to share with your fellow Dopers???

I tried durian and didn’t care for it much. It wasn’t in anything - it was just the plain fruit.

I also made the mistake once of buying a whole durian and opening it in my kitchen. I couldn’t get it out of the house fast enough.

When I lived in the Biosphere 2, someone brought one back to campus. We were a close-knit group of about fifty students, intensely living and working together in relative isolation, and sharing a lot of communal meals.

It was interesting how the schism of tastes regarding the durian worked out so closely along gender lines. Just about all the women thought it was delicious, while almost every male found it intolerable. I myself thought it tasted like butane-soaked phlegm–that was a literal description, too, not an attempt at hyperbole.

I’ve had some purchased from a roadside stand in Bali. It did not smell nearly as bad (they won’t let you take it on a plane) nor taste nearly as good as reputed. Perhaps it was not fully ripe, but it was selected by my tour guide. I just ate it by itself. It tasted kind of banana-ey and pineapple-ey, only not as good. I won’t have it again any time soon.

Being one of the most spoken-about taste experiences, I’m really keen to try it… one day… one day…

I think I may have smelled it once or twice in Singapore from thirty-odd yards away, but I was only a kid at the time and I certainly didn’t taste it.

I tried it a few times when I went to Malaysia a few years ago. I liked it (and am a guy FWIW). It tasted kind of custardy. It was definitely strong smelling - you could be at one end of a street and smell that someone was cutting one up at the other end - but I didn’t find the smell particularly unpleasant. Completely unrelated to the taste though.

I had the basic fruit, which was yummy, and in some hotel I had a dessert which was some sort of hot viscous liquidy form of it, I guess another step closer to custard. That was nice too.

Then I brought back some durian candy sticks for my family, and they hated them. I tried one and hated it too! It was more like onion candy! Caramelised onion on meats is one thing, but candy… I don’t think so.

It was offered at a wine-tasting dinner we attended several months ago. Mr. S had a nibble, and our friend Rob had a pretty good serving – but we found out later that he had an . . . unpleasant evening afterward. We wives declined to sample it. The smell was enough for us.

It tasted fine (custardy is relatively accurate), but given the stench I’m not ramped up to eat another soon.

I did plant the pit, it sprouted and now I have a small durian tree. Someday I’ll have a greenhouse and can raise my own crop…

I have had it in Hong Kong and Thailand. I suspect the Hong Kong one was processed in some way, because it was delicious (“like eating strawberries in a public toilet” as I’ve quoted before), but the stuff I had in Thailand, though it tasted nice, had the most disgusting texture and I had to spit it out. However, durian candies and ice cream, which are very popular in SEA, are really nice.

I’ve had durian gelato, which I expected to sort of like and be able to describe as ‘custardy’, but actually it tasted more like onion-flavored ice cream. Does the actual fruit have a stale oniony taste?

We are too chicken to try an actual durian (what if we picked a bad one? But my husband has had durian popsicles. We got my sister to try one (a popsicle) once, and she said, “It takes like a monkey smells.”

Living in Vietnamese-overrun Houston, there are approximately 200,000 local smoothie shops offering durian shakes, smoothies or teas. I’ve had them once or twice; they’re pretty good, but not even close to my favorite flavors. The poster above who compared it to pineapple and banana is close, IMO. Very estery and aromatic. Maybe a hint of papaya-ness to it as well.

My boyfriend and I bought one, being experimental types. The hideous rotten egg smell changed his mind, so I had the honor of tasting first. It was disgustingly horrid. I held my nose, and it still tasted like ass. The textures, the sliminess…never again!

On some travel show it showed a sign somewhere in SE Asia- no drinking (wine bottle with a red X through it) no smoking, and no durian!

I’ve had durian candies and fresh durian.

The durian candies were atrocious. Foul. I’m a very adventurous eater, but that was one of the few foods I’ve ever had to spit out.

The fresh durian tasted much like my stepdad once described it to me: “like garlic, but sweet.” The texture was custardy and the fruit was kind of sweet, but I didn’t really like it, because every so often, this nasty pungent undertone would sneak through. Imagine that you’ve been grinding up garlic and blue cheese in a blender and then the next day you make a banana smoothie in that blender without washing it. You’re drinking the smoothie, so far, so good, mmm, tropical fruit… then you suddenly get a mouthful of garlic-moldy cheese-banana smoothie.

I saw Durian Durian in Rio once…

I had a durian smoothie from a Vietnamese juice booth once. I don’t know if they used fresh durian, but I would assume so, because it’s available at most Vietnamese markets around here.

To me, it tasted a little like pineapple and smelled a lot like boiling tar. I’m a very adventurous eater, and I dislike few things, but I didn’t care for this. I didn’t hate it, but I wouldn’t get it again. Not when they have passion fruit smoothies at the same place!