Have any dry eyes remedies?

I am going through Visine Tears like crazy. I don’t think I’m physically capable of crying right now.

I don’t know if this applies to you, but part of my problem with dry eyes is caused by blocked oil glands in my eyelids. My eye doctor recommends a warm compress held onto my eyes to try to unblock them.

And, of course, the first and obvious solution to any dry body problem - make sure you’re drinking enough water. :slight_smile:

It’s not a remedy as in fixing a medical condition, but I’ve found that Systane (OTC) is much better for dry eyes then Visine Tears. You might want to try them.

I use Allergan’s Celluvisc single-dose drops, they are preservative-free so they’re better for your eyes than some of the other otc medications. I also clean my eyelids twice a day with dilute baby shampoo in warm water to help keep things unblocked, although if I’m away from home I use Lid-Clean sterile wipes instead as they’re easier if you’re travelling.

For relief I put a warm damp washcloth in contact over my closed eyes for 15 minutes. It feels really good and gets rid of any gunk you may have.

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Systane were the OTC drops recommended by my optometrist. They’re the most expensive, but they actually work the best. Go with Systane High Performance - I’ve read reviews on the Long Lasting, and they kind of feel like a thick viscous layer over your eyes, not good. Put them in multiple times per day - especially if you use the computer a lot. Put them in proactively - if you wait until they burn, they won’t be as effective, no matter what brand you use.

Never, ever, EVER use any drop that says “Get the red out”. It might say this on your Visine drops. “Redness relief” or “Get the red out” are vasoconstrictors and long term they 1) burn your eyeballs and 2) inhibit the ability of the blood to flow to your eye for good eye health.

Not an instant fix, but essential fatty acids can really help. Try flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil or evening primrose oil. Orally. Don’t use them as eye drops. :slight_smile:

See your eye doctor. Really. I use artificial tears several times a day, depending on my environment. I’ve also got punctal plugs. My eyes are so dry that you can hear me blink!!! And contact lenses are not even an option.

There are a lot of treatments available today. Seriously, see an eye doctor, and make it clear when you schedule the appointment that you need more than just a refraction. At our office, you always get more than just a refraction, but we’re ophalmology. I’ve tried steroid drops, which helped a lot (Rx only), but I’m really bad at having to do something at a specific time of day (twice a day? No way will I remember to do it). Restasis is effective too, but available by prescription only.

Computer use will only aggravate the dry eyes. And, you could have an underlying condition causing it…

In the drugstore, on a shelf near the “artificial tears”, is a product called “liquid gel drops”. They last a little longer than the tears.

Along the ‘drink water’ response. Identify the cause of the dry eyes, which going to the eye doctor might help. When I’m running 40-50+ miles a week I go through eye drops like crazy. It’s either from all the salt sweat blocking ducts, hairgel getting in my eyes, or maybe minor dehydration.

Systane is good, but I prefer the Refresh drops. I’ve pretty much tried them all (post-Lasik), so you might want to experiment. Some of those more viscous ones can help overnight. And definitely stay away from the Visine-type drops. All they do is constrict the vessels in the eyes. Plain saline would be better than that.

That’s something else I forgot to mention - at night I use a product called “Lacri-lube” which is a thick ointment, often given to patients who’ve had eye surgery and have stitches in the eye’s surface. The ointment sits on the surface and keeps everything moist as your eyeballs move during the night. OK, in the morning you’ll be looking like you cried buckets in the night, but it’s good stuff.

I don’t know what it’s marketed as outside the UK but it’s something readily available from the pharmacy and it’s not particularly expensive either.

For info, I suffer from recurring marginal ulcerative keratitis - I get ulcers in my eye. Lid hygiene is a big part of the defense, as is keeping my eyes as moist as possible so all of the things mentioned here are things I’ve tried, or already do on a daily basis.

If you have a serious dry eye condition, there can be several causes. I have MGD, for example (blocked mybomian glands).

A good resource is here