Have any of you guys done this?

Sometimes teenage (I hope not older) guys will ask a girl to meet them someplace; then they don’t show up at all or watch from a vantage point, “to see if she would”. Has anyone here done that? If so, why?

Never had the opportunity to ever ask anyone out on a date, really. But I knew a guy back in High School who bragged about it… needless to say, he didn’t go to the Prom.

I’ve had someone do that to me before. It really sucked.

I must be missing something here. What’s the point of asking someone out and then not turning up?

Manipulation. AFAIK, sometimes it’s to test her out: to watch from a distance and see if she gets upset when he doesn’t show; if she does, and forgives him afterwards, then she’s easily used. Sometimes it’s just to leave her waiting somewhere, alone and humiliated.

I asked because I was wondering: why are (some) guys that age so downright cruel?