Have any parents on this board had to kick their kids out of the house?

Or themselves been kicked out?
As we come to the end of yet another school year many parents start to dream about some freedom of seeing their now 18 year old kid leaving the nest. No more of the laundry, smaller food and hot water bills, no more nagging them to do things.
So I’d like to know, has anyone here ever either been kicked out by their parents or kicked out one of their kids?

Or known anyone who did this or had this done to them?

Ex. One of my wife’s friends, a lady, was kicked out by her single Mom. Basically the 2 hadnt gotten along so the day after she graduated the Mom said “Look, I’m done with my obligations so your out in a week”.

I wasn’t kicked out per se, but it was clear that the relationship between me and my parents had changed. I had a part time job and wasn’t planning on going to school. My parents stopped treating me like a person they were responsible for raising, and started treating me like a roommate. It wasn’t long before I realized that I had to grow up. I moved out after a months and got an actual roommate and lived month-to-month until I figured out what to do with my life.

If my parents had let me stay under the same terms I had as a child (basically unconditionally) I think it would have taken me a lot longer to start thinking like an adult and making my own way. I’m not at all opposed to parents making their children leave the nest after high school.

not kicked out but I had to pay rent to my parents plus do chores, none of which is unacceptable but I still had to live according to their rules and do the chores on their schedule. for instance, my dad decided that mowing the lawn was my job and he fertilized the lawn so it had to mowed 3 or 4 times a week. I had to do this regardless of my work schedule… eg working 11am to 7:30pm, better get up early enough to mow the lawn, clean up and get to work on time regardless of what time I got home the night before (working until close).

I for sure, had a better job and a plan to move out before mowing season came back around. Curiously, he did not fertilize the lawn when he had to mow it every other day.

I feel I should again point out that their rules were not anything terrible, but being treated as a child and a grown up at the same time kind of sucked which probably was the point.

I sort of kicked my brother-in-law out, he was figuratively our first son and with his mother moving in and our ‘second’ son on the way it was time for him to get out on his own. He realized it, he just needed a little push.

We’re contemplating it.

A lot of my high school classmates were expected to be out of the house by the end of the summer after graduation. Get a job and an apartment, join the military, etc. It was more common for the boys than the girls - girls could stay at home until they got married.

I had a few friends in college whose parents were not supportive of them being there too - they couldn’t go home during breaks, so had to work to pay all their living expenses in addition to going to school.

I also know a few who were kicked out before reaching the age of 18 because they didn’t want to go to school and refused to get a job.

A close friend of mine kicked out her 19 year old. He basically refused to get a job or go to school. He wasn’t paying rent or helping with chores. He spent all day sleeping or playing video games. They gave him something like 60 or 90 days to get his shit together or get out. He chose to leave, so I guess technically he wasn’t “kicked out”. After about 6 mos or so, he went back to living with them, as he had found work and decided that, being part of the family, doing chores and getting a significant break on rent was worth it.

Both of my sons left for college, and other than coming home the first two summers, they never lived at home again. I had expected that perhaps my younger one might be a bounce-back, but he surprised me by having a job lined up immediately after graduation, for which I was most grateful.

My older son and his wife lived with me for several months while their current house was being built - it had taken longer than expected and their apartment lease had expired - but that was enjoyable, since we both knew it was temporary. We were able to relax and enjoy the shared time. He didn’t expect to be waited on, and in fact, was quite helpful with getting some projects done for me. If they ever build again, he’s welcome to come back! lol

Both of my brothers were kicked out of the house at one time or another before they turned 18. Mostly for reasons like disrespecting my parents and getting into trouble with the law. It only lasted at the most a month, as my mother always convinced my dad to let them move back in. My now sister in law, however, was kicked out of her home at 16 and wasn’t even allowed to see or speak to her parents until she was in her early 20s. The reason? She was dating my brother who wasn’t a Jehovah’s Witness. She ended up living with us until they were old enough to move out on their own.

Isn’t religion just wonderful.:frowning:

When my son came home from college he was home no more than two weeks and filling out job apps when my ex told him he had to move out. He had a job within a month so it worked out ok but I was kind of floored that she did this so abruptly. I don’t think she realized the money I was sending each month was to secure his bedroom when he was home. I would have preferred that she waited till he got a job and saved up a little more cash, like maybe 6 months at least.

Thank G-d and my parents – they still provide for me.

A good friend’s parents kicked him out on the day of his High School graduation. He had absolutely nothing so my mom let him move in until he got on his feet. He was a good kid but his parents were religious freaks and went to church every night, something he was unwilling to do so they kicked him to the curb.

I tried like hell to get my stepson kicked out, but SWMBO wouldn’t do it. She thought it was more important for him to have a roof over his head than for us to have to put up with his constantly bringing drugs into the house, bringing his scumbag buddies into the house, stealing from us, and being a threat to our physical safety. I did succeed in running him out twice, but she let him come back both times.

Can you say enabler? I did, repeatedly. It was our biggest thorn of contention until he finally moved out by himself. I rejoiced and when she got pissed about it, I said that I was happy that I didn’t have to come into the house armed every night because I was afraid that he would have murdered her and his sister and would be waiting for me.

We had a kid (friend of older brother) who lived with us for 8 months after being thrown out by his parents on his 18th birthday for no apparent reason other than it was his 18th birthday. He graduated high school and got a scholarship and went to college and is doing well. Never speaks to his parents.

I kicked myself out when I was 17 and started college. Does that count?

I was kicked out at 18 when I came out to my parents. They didn’t want my younger sibling exposed to the gay. Landed on my brothers couch for a bit.

I’m in the process of kicking out my older sister. I allowed her to move in with me when she was losing her last apartment on the premise she could save up and find a new place. She quit her job after moving in and hasn’t found another. She hasn’t paid rent, she hasn’t saved money and is actively costing me money. Don’t know what she’s going to do but it’s not going to be my problem.

kicked Guestling the Eldest out twice
First time for not getting a job, the second time for not going to school per our agreement AND for not keeping up with his “agreed to” share of the expenses (the monthly internet bill)

I myself was kicked out at 17, for refusing to clean my own private bathroom. Kids back then :rolleyes:, amirite?

Nope: they left immediately after graduation, probably to escape their mother’s crushing Catholicism.

It’s still early on the west coast…