Have any sailors been killed by wind turbines?

I’ve sailed a bit, and I’ve noticed that many sailors are leery of wind turbines. There are vague stories of people on board boats being injured & killed by the spinning blades. However, I’ve been looking for more specific information & I’ve run across websites claiming that no one has ever been killed by a wind turbine, anywhere.
Are the tales of bloody blades a myth?

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OK, I’ll bite. Under what circumstances would a sail boat ever come near a wind turbine? Most of the wind turbines I have seen are on dry land, often up on ridges that get a lot of wind. I can’t for the life of me see how a sail boat would ever get near one. Or am I misunderstanding what you mean by wind turbine? Are you talking about the big towers used for alternative power generation?

I believe they are referring to the small power generators on boats, as seen here. Or perhaps they mean this.

As to the OP, I haven’t heard any stories. But then again, I’m not much of a wind driven sailor.

What’s the deal with that second one? Does it drive the boat directly, or perhaps drive a generator tied to a motor?

According to the website where I found it, the windmill is geared to drive a propeller.

I was referring to the small wind turbines often mounted on boats to provide battery charging and electrical power. Most people are switching over to solar on boats, due to the lack of moving parts. I was just wondering if anyone has really been killed by one. Looks like the answer may be no.

Thanks, Chandeleur.