Have breast implants ever altered your opinion of someone?

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He was a disgusting person. I saw that documentary about him and that vision of him in prison with boobs almost made me through up. A great argument for the death penalty.

I’ve only known one person before and after implants. She was a real character and she was durn proud of her new toys! :smiley: I thought she was quite attractive before the augmentation, and afterwards, she was just a more commanding presence. It was something she wanted, her husband was pleased to bestow them, and they lived happily ever after.

I don’t think my opinion changed one way or the other, but I honestly don’t understand why she felt it was necessary. Still, it’s her life, her choice, and her tits. No business of mine in any case.

A very close friends wife had implants after their second child was weaned. She looks like the Food networks Giada DeLaurentis’s younger sister. If she wasn’t 20 years my jr. I would be in such lust. She is the total package. She can cook too!

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Unless we’re talking about a double-mastectomy patient or something, they wouldn’t alter my opinion as much as give me an insight into that person’s general - not character, because that tends to imply a good or bad judgment, but rather their attitudes and general mentality toward life. The idea of someone getting implants for anything other than a medical reason immediately gives me a certain insight that they have a shallow approach to life and wouldn’t be someone that I’d want to spend much time with, as they’d most likely turn out to be intellectually disappointing and vapid in many other ways.

She looks like Naomi Watts!

I knew a nice 16 yr old with 44 D’s…

she was our baby sitter. I also hired her for a summer job at the museum (not based on her physical atributes)

She had terrible back problems, and by age 21, was experiencing severe back issues related to lugging the jugs (as she put it)

She had reduction surgury at age 22, and her world opened up for her. In two ways. 1) most importantly, she could go the day through with out mid back spasms… and 2) she could apply for jobs with out male employers not staring at her "attributes (which, given her small frame, were freaking huge)

Want em bigger, can afford it? Go for it cowgirl!

Just be sure of whaere those things are leading you…


You guys are a really cute couple.

I had a friend who got implants, and it did change my opinion of her slightly. She was 21 at the time, about 5’1"/110lbs. Really cute, well built girl with B cups. Her breasts were perfect for her build. She was also the most spoiled rich kid I’ve ever met (and I’ve met some), despite being a generally cool and very bright girl. So she became old enough to access her college fund that her grandparents set up for her, and she used it to get a boob job-- mostly to piss off her parents (who did absolutely everything for her and were lovely people).

It just made me think she was shallow and basically a snotty kid. And really, I’ve never met a guy who (admittedly, at least) prefers a fake C cup on a very petite woman to a natural B.

That’s just her, though. If I was very flat chested, I would probably consider it, but not out of my grandparent’s education fund.

First of all, she’s gorgeous and you two make a good-looking couple. Second, I agree with all the common-sense responses so far. Finally, I look at this quote I included here - between her getting augmented at a fairly young age, along with tattoos “she regrets” and that quote above, it really sounds like she is still, for want of a better term, trying to figure out who she is and what she is comfortable with. If that quest is being pursued in a health-minded way, cool - you can judge if you think so. It is when folks think that tuning/radically altering their appearance will lead to peace of mind that I start to think that they have their priorities way off…

It is one thing to fix a physical deformity to adjust self-esteem; it is quite another to surgically alter yourself when the deformity is more a perception in your head than your body…

The OP and his girl are very cute and cute together.

Implants wouldn’t alter my opinion of someone unless she was unreasonably flaunting them. I do know one woman (a former co-worker of my mom’s) who I know for sure has them. Unfortunately, I don’t know her well enough (and she’s too far away now) to ask what I wanted to ask–which was if I could feel them. (well, sometimes a girl wonders, you know?)

I have wanted implants myself for some time, but I am too poor to afford them and the last time I mentioned it to someone, I got yelled at. So if I ever got them, I wouldn’t be getting them to attract anyone, since people who are attracted to me seem to be against the idea.

A recent widow of my acquaintance got her tubes tied and breast iimplants within two months of her husband’s death. That struck meas a bit unseemly in the time frame.

Oops, posted this part in the small boob thread.

Many women near age (pushing 50) seem to be getting “enhancements”, especially after a divorce. I don’t know if the fading of youthful beauty makes them resort to increasing size, or what. My friends are all in very good shape, but perhaps feel they need them to attract a man? Or maybe to attract more men? One friend said she was told by another, “Just go get them, and have fun with them!” Said friend is married, so I think we are talking good clean fun, but I can be naive.

I have not changed my opinions of any of my friends with boob jobs, anymore than I would change my opinions about guys with hair transplants. (If I knew any.) Now a guy with a boob job, that would change my opinion.

Telperien, I wouldn’t wish for them if I were you. I’m sure you are lovely without them, especially when you laugh. I could afford to pay for “enhancing” my wife of 20+ years. But I have never offered, or even thought, “Gee it would be nice”. Well, maybe a few times, but that would just be for variety :wink: Hmmm, maybe I should pay for just one?)

Telperien, you didn’t mention if you have a small frame or not, but just in case you also have a small bone structure I wanted to share something with you. After a childhood and puberty in ballet classes, running cross country, and just generally being very active, skinny, and flat chested- college and reduced physical activity granted me full C cups. They look fake and do not flatter my figure at all, and most people who don’t know me assume that I had them enlarged, and probably make erroneous judgements about my personality as well. Men generally make inappropriate comments to me rather than treat me like a lady, and as I don’t curse, flirt, or generally misbhave in public: I blame the boobs. I’ve no business persuading you to avoid augmenting your figure, but medium to large sized breasts on a little frame can make the wrong impression on a lot of people. If I wear a tank top, tight, or low cut shirt, I look at best like I am desperate for attention, and at worst- like a tramp.

I envy smaller women in cute, tight tank tops daily.

**SlowMindThinking, ** thank you. That’s very nice of you to say.

**Beaucarnea, ** no, I am tall and large-framed, with broad shoulders.