Have breast implants ever altered your opinion of someone?

I’ve been seeing a girl for awhile now and things are good. She’s clicked with me in a wonderful way and the feeling’s mutual. Part of me thinks she could be the one … but fear not, this isn’t another beleaguered relationship thread.

When I first met her, I was impressed with the whole package. She’s got a solid head on her shoulders and those shoulders are attached to good body … so good that I wondered almost immediately whether I needed to pinch myself. She seemed nicely endowed for such a slender girl. I’m no spring chicken, and I can spot a boob job pretty quick, but somewhere in the corner of my mind, I couldn’t help but wonder. Just the other night as we were spending a little QT with one another, she confessed to me (rather nervously) that she’d been augmented about five years ago when she was 21. She took so long to come clean with what she had to say because she was scared to death that my reaction wouldn’t be good. I think I may have made some comments previously on the subject, so her reluctance was understandable, but I started to get genuinely scared that she was preparing to drop a bomb on me. When she finally took my hands and placed them on her chest without saying anything, it was clear what she was meaning to say. I was expecting something much worse … perhaps that she was infertile, or divorced, or had a kid, or some other baggage … or I dunno, maybe that she wasn’t actually a girl. I told her that the only important thing to me was whether she was comfortable with having them and didn’t completely resent having the procedure done. She said it was a decision that, like her tattooes, she later regretted, but not so much so that she’s going to have the procedure undone. She used to be a large A or small B cup, now she’s a pretty full C cup, so they’re not overly huge or ridiculous looking, and there are no scars, so it’s not as if they’re a completely unnatural monstrosity like those you’d see on cheap, mutilated porn stars.

The thing is, I’ve never actually given much thought to whether I’d really want to be with an augmented girl. It’s not so much an aversion to the implants themselves as it is the idea of being with someone whose self-image was such that they’d want to do that to their own body. She doesn’t really fit the profile of the sort of vapid girl most most would picture as the ideal candidate for this procedure, so that’s another reason I was taken aback by it. I really like the girl, and this isn’t an issue which is going to come between us … I’m just looking to see where other guys come down on this. I’m sure some men will take tits in any form they come, while others will be more discriminating. However, I also think most men would agree on preferring a girl who’s natural simply on principle. I’ve always preferred a natural look free from tattoos, piercings or augmentations such as this, but I’ve been with pierced and tattooed girls despite it not being my preference because neither is a dealbreaker to me (whereas something like being a smoker would be). Now that I’m actually with one, my opinion of implants is at odds with my opinion of one girl in particular who is truly wonderful.

So guys, did your opinion on this subject ever shift after meeting an augmented girl who really meant something to you? And ladies, have you had friends who wouldn’t fit the profile of someone who’d want or need them, but got them anyway? Would you dismiss or form a negative opinion of someone you were best friends with over something like this?

I find this attitude extremely healthy. Or at least I’d like to think so, since it matches my own. If she had the implants done for herself, that’s the critical thing.

I would say it takes two kinds: the women who have such low-self image that they are obsessed with modifying themselves to suit someone else; and the women who are so self-confident that they know what they want, and why, and for whom, and aren’t afraid to go do it.

My opinion, FWIW, is that tits don’t make the girl…the girl makes the tits. I’ve only expressed it towards girls considering boob jobs as a way of letting them know that I don’t think an otherwise attractive girl needs to have giant boobs to be attractive. On the other hand, if you’ve found a nice girl that that just happens to have had a boob job, don’t put the tits before the horse…err, don’t throw the tits out with the bathwater…err, something like that.

I’d be a little concerned about someone getting implants at such a young age; aren’t breasts still growing and changing until the mid-20’s or so? Maybe another poster can fight my ignorance if that’s not the case.

My sister-in-law(a tiny little thing) had implants put in about five years back and she seems happy with them. My brother said he didn’t care one way or another, he loved her as she was, but he wasn’t going to ask her not to if she wanted them. In your case it sounds like her attitude towards them is going to be the bigger factor. My sister-in-law is happy with them and thinks they were a good thing which helped her feel more feminine. It sounds like your GF is more conflicted about her implants, and that may be a complicating factor. It also seems you aren’t strongly opinionated one way or another, but you’re concerned about her state of mind and self image. I’d say talk to her about the history behind the decision, and how she feels about them now. This will give you the insight into how she handles her self image that you seem to want. As for the boobies themselves, as much fun as they can be(natural or not), they’re not important compared to the understanding of each other you can get by talking about them.


Agreed, Duke, they don’t make or break a girl because a pretty girl doesn’t need them. You say you’ve expressed that to girls considering the procedure to convince them they don’t don’t need it. I once knew a girl who had an absolutely beautiful face with brilliant, bright white eyes and wonderful fair skin that practically radiated and glowed, not in a sickly pale way but in a soft feminine way. She insisted that she wanted to have facial surgery performed because she was reminded of her dead mother every time she looked in the mirror. I told her that her mother must have been stunning and insisted she was insane for making such a suggestion. That wasn’t the first indicator of her insanity.

Fish: yeah, it does take two kinds. She didn’t do it to suit anyone. Like I mentioned, she doesn’t fit the profile of the stereotypical implant recipient. She’s quite low-key and doesn’t blatantly flaunt them. She’s usually trying to cover them up, actually. And yet, despite being very nice, she doesn’t worry about what others think. Might have something to do with the fact that she’s a cop who is rather accustomed to not taking shit from people. :smiley:

Mtgman: thanks for putting into words what I couldn’t. I am concerned about the state of mind that led to it and whether it still lingers. I presume from her regret that she has grown beyond the inner conflict. I think she used to be obsessed with her looks, but is now just plain ol’ self-conscious like any other woman. :wink: Your last sentence summed it up well.

Nah, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.

Only if the implants themselves were in seriously bad taste.

Or if they were seriously well-done.
One would lower my opinion of her sense of aesthetics (an important measure, for me), and the other would increase my opion of her discrimination, taste, and ability to find a good doctor - a major ‘plus.’

So, IOW, only at the extremes is my opinion altered.

What, so her tits taste like risotto?

The thread so good, you knew it was eventually going to…well, spill over…into other threads. :smiley:

Well, only if they taste like seafood risotto.

This is obviously something to do with another thread, but to be clear, they were more of a Ylang-Ylang/Rose flavor, as these were the primary blends in the massage oil I’d been using on her.

It should also be noted that if she ever sees this thread, she may very well harm me with standard issue police implements. And no, I will not post a picture of them … I don’t have one yet. :smiley:

So sad :frowning:

The world needs more large A (and small A) females. Cuter than that, there ain’t none.

Oh well. Her choice and all that, right?

I don’t think I’d change my opinion on someone based on hooters.

… basically you just wanted to come here and brag that your gf has nice tits?


All my girlfriends have had nice tits … otherwise they wouldn’t have been my girlfriends. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who’s gonna ask?
Who’s it gonna be?


Pics Prz!

While they weren’t implants, I thought enlarged breasts gave Richard Speck a certain sexy je ne sais quoi that really caught my eye, whereas previously I’d thought of him only as a homely, sadistic mass murderer.

I knew a girl who got breast implants and it really improved her look, but at the same time pissed me off that just because her parents were rich she was able to throw money at a problem and solve it, petty I guess.