Poll For Men: Do You Like The Look Of Obvious Breast Implants?

I’m sitting here watching Fear Factor, marveling over their propensity to have women contestants with breast implants, when I begin to wonder…

Do men find bad implants - obvious and hard-looking - as attractive as real large breasts? Attractive at all?

As a woman, I find them strange-looking and unappealing. But then I don’t find real large ones all that sexy, either.

I, for one, do not care for the bullet-boob look at all. Some implants are very obvious, and, frankly, I think they’re just absurd. They bear no resemblence to normal breasts; they’re almost-rigid-looking hemispheres; they stick straight out; and there’s this enormous chasm between them. It’s like somebody popped off the business-end of two toilet plungers, and affixed them to a woman’s chest. Why some women choose to mutilate themselves this way I’ll never understand.

[Professor Farnsworth]Oh my, no![/PF]

I like 'em small. I haven’t seen any implants that appeal to me.

I find implants to be a bit scary. However, I would like to see how they feel one day…on someone else. I’m female, and I don’t want any implants for myself.

I won’t lie: Big natural boobs are hottest.

But small natural boobs can be pretty damn hot too. One of my all-time best relationships was with an A-cup, and I thought she was sexy as all get-out. If she had gone to the plastic surgeon and gotten implants, I would have been horrified.

Large boobs, whether they’re real or fake, don’t matter much to me. As long as they’re pretty, size is irrelevant. But it’s hair, faces, and asses that I’ll study all day long, so my answering this question may not mean much.

On the other hand,just as I clicked submit, a woman from down the hall just knocked on my door to call the office 'cause she’d locked herself out. Large, real, breasts. Perhaps my tastes are variable.

Big boobs are less attractive than small boobs. Fake boobs are even less attractive than large boobs, often times bordering on grotesque.

Many implants look great–they can provide a perkiness that sometimes is not there with natural breasts. Overly large or poorly done implants, however, just look horrible, in my opinion. They look so abrupt and unnatural, much worse than having a petite bosom.

But, there is nothing bad with small boobs in the first place.

Large, fake-looking boobs: not usually. Small boobs: great on the right woman. (I dislike the ‘child-like’ look: I want my women to be women, dammit!) Large, natural boobs: yes! :slight_smile:

Hell, no. Fake boobs are always a step down from the real thing, no matter the size.


i enjoy, boobs from small to large (anything works for me as long as they are naked), but fake ones are just kind of weird looking, and don’t turn me on as much. They just don’t have the right bounce.

No. Ew. I dislike surgically altered breasts, even so-called high-quality alterations, so much that I actively avoid porn where I know I’ll see it. (I prefer the European stuff, especially by Pierre Woodman, because the breasts are almost entirely natural.) It just freaks me out to think there’s a bag of juice crammed into the body like that. —shudder—

I do not like the look, feel, or even the idea of fake breasts. Give me natural breasts anytime and everytime

Most surgically altered breasts are almost anti-sexual. Other than cancer and accident victims, the only scenario I see where some enhancement might be useful is if a younger woman has a pair of thin, droopy, flapjack, old lady type breasts, some enhancement might make her look better in a dress. Other than that, leave them alone.



Fake boobs. :mad:

Big or small, boobs kick ass. Fake boobs suck.

No. Hell, no.

Apple-sized natural boobs are beautiful.

Disproportionately large, or unnaturally shaped fake boobs are not.

The real thing(s) are nice in all of their many forms. Any breast that looks artificial is not attractive to me. I suppose implants could look better when their host is clothed…but otherwise, natural for me!