Poll For Men: Do You Like The Look Of Obvious Breast Implants?

I don’t like big boobs in general. I especially don’t like big, obviously artificial boobs.

While breast implants can be nice looking with the appropriate clothing, to me they just say something negative about the woman’s personality. Not to say that all women who get implants have personality disorders, but if you crave the validation of strangers staring at your chest so badly that you’ll undergo surgery, you might have an issue or two.

Naked, without concealing makeup and careful posing, any breast surgery is disfiguring and a turn-off.

Ah… I see. From the responses so far, I’m feeling real secure with my B-cup boobies. :smiley:
I can kind of see the appeal of real large breasts, they’re like big soft pillows, and even small ones like mine have a natural bounce that fake ones definitely lack. I can also see, however, if an otherwise stunning woman with an absolutely FLAT chest would opt for augmentation. But why one would choose hard, immobile business-end-of-a-plunger boobs over natural-looking saline in a normal size… I don’t get it. It’s obvious from this small sampling that what’s assumed as the male dream is backward.

Preach it, Danalan! To me, nicely shaped boobage is much more important than sheer size, but I would rather have/see a less-than-perfect pair than those totally fake hemispheres stuck on some poor woman’s chest.

And, trublmakr, I rather think it’s the same as the “women prefer large dicks” myth. Sure, some do, leading men to fret over their penis size, but the majority could care less. Consider this: If a man is so shallow, your artificial DD bosom would attract him, while your Bs wouldn’t, do you really want him?


I’ve found that big breasts generally look better under clothes than they do naked. So ironically, when a woman is taking off her bra and presumedly most desires to make a good impression is when big breasts are most likely to disappoint.

Then the follow up question must be, “Why in the world do women feel the need to increase their bust size when it’s a turn off for most men?” There must be something I’m missing.

I’ve noticed that larger breasts may look better in clothing, but naked, they just aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


Implants suck. They may look good under clothes but not naked. The feel of implants is just not right.

Except for the comically oversized or really horrible jobs, fake breasts don’t bother me and I have no real preference between the two although since I prefer B and C cups, I like natural more only by default.

Obviously fake boobs can look stunning under the right clothes, but without clothes they’re just hideous. I’ve seen a couple of sets of fake boobs that I didn’t realise were fake, and they looked perfectly fine. Since the thread is about obvious breast implants, my answer is “hell no!”. Natural all the way.

As for Rune’s question, I don’t believe most men are turned off by fake boobs. The SDMB is hardly a representative sample of the world’s population. For one thing, most of us have an IQ above room temperature.

Pamela Anderson seemed to become quite the pin up because of very large and obvious breast implants. That is one example where it was clearly a turn on for at least some men. Perhaps those men who are attracted to bags of silicone are less forthcoming with regard to their preferences because it might make them appear shallow. If that is the case this poll is doomed, doomed I tell you.

Depends. The range of possibilities is too large within each group to make comparisons meaningful between groups.

Sorry, that was Ruby, not Rune.

Does the opinion of men who don’t find large breasts that attractive at the first place counts?

Natural are better, obvious fakes just scream, “Insecure Porn Star”.

I could be wrong, but most men I know seem to be attracted to and fascinated by even unusually large breasts. They’re just hyperfeminine, and that’s a turn-on in itself. Heh. I was on a beach a while ago with my wife, and an especially well-endowed woman in a bikini walked by. Reflexively my head turned. SWAT! Busted!

HOWEVER, boobs of any size that have nice shape, etc., are totally great.

Frankenboobs make me want to run far away.

My first experience with breast implants was at a strip club.

It was one I’d been to before, in my youth, but I was visiting again, because an old chum was having his bachelor party there. I was kinda looking forward to it.

It wasn’t as much fun as it had been. For one thing, there were no routines, no showmanship, no… entertainment. All the women did the same thing – come out, slink around, take their clothes off, strike some poses on and around the pole, and wiggle it and give you opportunities to stick money in their g-strings. No real dancing involved. Hell, no real talent involved. Strip down, shake it, display it, and then leave.

The other thing that bothered me was the lack of jiggle. All these women had fairly largish breasts, usually around a C cup, sometimes bigger… and none of them jiggled at all, no matter what they did.

It wasn’t real exciting. It was frankly disturbing. It represented a scene that SHOULD have evoked a very specific reaction… if not for the fact that there was ONE MAJOR THING WRONG.

I mean, it was like… well, imagine going home and finding your wife and children waiting for you, everything hunky dory, except that your youngest child now has red eyes, or something. And everyone’s acting like nothing is wrong.

I have no use for breast implants, not if I can tell that they’re implants. Hell, why not just have antennae implanted on your head, if you wanna look like a freak? It’s about as sexually exciting.

But, then, others may feel differently.

THAT’S how it felt.

Just chiming in to agree with what so many others have said: fake boobs, when they’re uncovered enough that you can actually see them, are at least less appealing than real boobs and often downright creepy.

Hate 'em. I don’t know why some women want to make themselves more attractive to teenage boys while making themselves less attractive to grown men.

I’m wracking my brain, but I can’t think of what an implanted breast looks like. How can you tell the difference through clothing? A visual A/B comparison would be useful. Link?

I’ve never been a “bigger is better” kind of guy when it comes to boobs. They should be big enough to balance out the womens body. A couple of swinging monkey-sacks aren’t attractive.