Poll For Men: Do You Like The Look Of Obvious Breast Implants?

Slight hijack here – I thought that all breast implants were the bags of either silicone (from years ago) or saline (the current standard, right?). Is there a “hard” or “bullet”-shaped implant, other than silicone that’s hardened over time?

Oh, as a woman who’s a bit suspicious of the plastic surgery industry in general, I find your responses reassuring. (But then, I don’t even put up with the nonsense of high heels.)

Re before & after implant procedure photos (after in this case “after” is presented in the mostl flatterig possible light) go here Implants 411 before & after photo gallery

It basically looks like you’re smuggling grapefruit halves under your skin

I have a theory of why some men find obvious fake boobs (and fake hair and fake everything) attractive:

It is reassuring to some insecure men to know that women will go through all that pain and risk and trouble just to look attractive for them. If a woman is so concerned about mens’ opinions of her looks that she is willing to mutilate herself, than she is obviously willing to go to great lengths to make men like her. It is physical evidence that the woman is willing to subordinate her own needs to the “needs” of men. And many men find subordinate women sexy and appealing.

So, that’s my theory. Have at it.

Fake Boobs= Yuck!

 Honestly I really think that there are a significant number of plastic surgeons out there who simply don't know what a woman looks like. 

 I have seen some implant jobs that are rather nice (Alissa Milano, they actually look like breasts), but most (any of the strippers who work for the WWE, Pamela Anderson) look like they could repel gunfire.

  Unfortunatly mass tastes, the same people who watched "Baywatch" and other such things, dictate that "bigger is better". Mass entertainment media, and by extension casting directors, push the image that no breast size other than "DD" is attractive. Actresses who want to get parts, (and even non-actresses who want to feel attractive) are "forced" to buy the plastic plungers.

Me, I like women.  Women are designed by nature to look good naked. Plastidomes that don't mirror nature, fail to do that IMHO.

You might try this game to get a handle on the difference. (note, the game is definitely NSFW, but the starting screen has no boobies.) I got 18 of 20 correct.

I’m not a man nor lesbian, but FWIW I don’t like the way fake boobs look. As for why a woman would WANT implants when there’s a lot of men who don’t like them, I’d figure they may have convinced themselves that “I’m not getting basketball-sized implants, so mine won’t look fake.”

The persistence of fake boobs, especially large and obvious ones, is one of the horrors of modern society.

By the way, on that game above I scored 17 out of 20. Fake boobs are not that hard to detect, and they are always less attractive IMHO.

I don’t mind a good boob job. And there are a lot more good ones out there that most people never notice as fake, then there are the crappy bargain-basement-bigger is better jobs that were a bad idea. There are also a lot of pretty odd looking tits that are all natural.

Hanging around a fair number of wanna-be actress types, I have seen a lot of chicks get just a bit of enhancment to help their career. Usually it just helps their self-esteem, but for the most part they look pretty good after, and nobody knows afterward. Hehe I’ve had several times going through porno mags with chicks pointing out what I think would look best on them(at their request, before anybody thinks I’m that bad of a jerk that would do it unsolicited) Usually just a firmer C at most.

And every tit looks best in some clothes. Some are best naked, some are best in a T-shirt, some are best in a cocktail dress with lots of cleavage, and some look amazing under a heavy sweater.

I also scored a 17. Ever time I tried to give a big set of borderline fake titties the benefit of the doubt, I got screwed!

There’s just no way.

I suppose that if I could never tell at all, then I wouldn’t care because I wouldn’t know.

But no.

Thanks, astro, for the link. I went there to compare (not stare), and apparently I was more familiar with the shape of fake boobs than real ones! Although I gotta say, some of those women really needed to have that surgery. Going up a cup size or two, if necessary, wasn’t too bad, but the extra-large ones were just grotesque. It’s a shame, though, that these women are then stuck with a couple of globes on their chest for all time. They’ll be 85 years old with perma-firm, perky boobies. Ugh!

I’m not being flippant here, I promise. I really appreciate how some nice, round, firm breasts, inside a bra, make a woman’s body shape appear, through clothing. But just looking at boobies has never done anything for me, really. My wife would actually benefit from breast reduction surgery someday, but she is unwilling to have her nipples removed and replaced. I don’t blame her!

So, to answer the question of the OP, no, I don’t like the look of breast implants.

Everyone’s dissing the implants, but I keep thinking of a friend of mine. She had implants because she was completely, completely flat. Boy-flat. Now she’s a B cup. Totally ordinary in size, and it’s really improved her self-confidence.

I think fake books look creepy, but truthfully I don’t really pay much attention to breasts. I’m a straight girl and I find the fascination with breasts fairly mysterious. I personally have pretty large breasts and I hate them. I wish I was smaller.

I hate fake titties with a passion, and I wish women would quit getting them.

astro’s link was very interesting to me, as all the fake boobs I’ve seen have been on HBO shows like The Sopranos, and they looked flagrantly fake. However, on the link provided by astro, I came to understand why some of these women get implants. Especially the women who went from A to B cups, the improvement was vast and it was pretty hard to tell. The further they went between cups sizes, the less likely it was to look good, but I have to say, in some cases, surgery definitely improved not only the shape and size but the placement of the nipples and the way the breasts were placed on the woman’s chest.

Before I opened this thread, I felt that there was no way in hell breast implants could ever be a good idea. Now, I feel lucky to have the breasts I have and feel bad for some of the women who have flat, mannish breasts, or aesthetically unpleasing breasts, and can see why they might want to change them. If they look natural, as some of them seemed to, and make the woman feel and look better, then who am I to judge?

I wonder how they look as a woman ages. Does the skin sag while the implant stays perfectly round? That would look weird. I’ve seen some women with implants whose breasts are just too low on their chests, and that looks terrible. That’s where I bet a lot of these women run into trouble, when gravity affects everything but the boobs. Hmmm.

I got 19/20 on the flash game that was linked to earlier and except for one or two instances, the fake breasts looked just as good, if not moreso, than the real ones.

I personally don’t understand the prejudice against them.

There was a line in a Martin Amis book pointing out that one of the characters was so used to seeing fake breasts in porn that real breasts looked strange to him.

Looking at those before and after pictures (I wish I hadn’t, but I couldn’t stop myself), I felt that, with a very few exceptions, that the same thing had happened to both the patients and surgeons. Some of those breasts were more akin to tattoos and body piercings than “enhancement”.

Still, it has reconciled me to what time has done to my breasts, so it’s not all bad.


Read 'em and weep: 20 correct out of 20, my friends. No bullshit.

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing…

I took the quiz and scored 17/20. Mistook three pairs of real ones for fake. Clearly this means I do not spend enough time looking at breasts.

Ah, but who does?