I'm Sick and Tired of Big Bubble Boobs Everywhere

Well, that pretty much sums it up. Every “attractive” woman on the cover of a magazine - big, honkin’, bubble boobs. Every scantily dressed starlet on tv - big bubble boobs. Every actress desperately trying to make an image at the award shows - big bubble boobs. Every music video - you guessed it, big bubble boobs. I’m just danged tired of these oh-so-fake silicon monstrosities pushing their way into the limelight every time I see a piece of popular culture. That is all.

(Yes, I know - guys love them, can’t get enough of them, bigger is better, etc, etc, et freakin’ cetera.)

SOME guys like them. I hope a minority. They are, to me, repulsive.

Some of them do tend to be overdone for my tastes. A natural breast is a beautiful thing, no matter what the size.

I much prefer them natural, but if it makes the woman happy, that’s all that counts. I wouldn’t mind a bit if they went out of style, though. :wink:

Amen, and be glad you don’t live in L.A.

they are fake, not real, therefore no different than a doll and as much of a turn on.

featherlou is either Gay, Female, or utterly derranged.

Big boobs are our God. Provided they are not too big (about the size of grapefruit) and are attached to the body of a female between the ages of 18 and 25.

I assume by ‘bubble’ you mean Round.

Even the word ‘boobs’ is awe inspiring. (but ‘boobies’ is better)

What people forget is that most women who get implants are undesireable to begin with - so (perhaps subconsciously) it is the woman you find repulsive. Not the boobs.

Bubble words:

Bubble Boobs, Bubblehead, Bubblebrain, Bubblegum, …

19 year old male checking in here, and just let me say: If the boobs are in proportion to the rest of the body, bring 'em on. If you gave me a choice between, say, WWE Divas Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler, I’m taking Stacy every time, because she doesn’t look like someone inflated beach balls and stuffed them in a shirt.

That said, at this point, I’m not turning any boobs away, so whatever.

I’ll bet you you’re incorrect in your assumption.

See, that’s the thing - I don’t think they ARE making the women sporting them happy - they just seem to be getting them like the latest fashion accessory, or maybe because you can’t have a career in entertainment of any sort without them. Poor girls with these huge sacs of silicon/saline dragging down their poor chest muscles and giving them backaches.

(FTR, I am sure there are tons of women who have big bubble breast implants and love them dearly. My mileage is obviously varying.)

(Oh, and Lobsang, your humour is lost on me. You sound like a horny 13 year old boy.)

Deep inside - I am a horny 13 year old boy.

Big boobs are just one more thing preventing you from getting really close to someone.

(Or two more things, I suppose.)

Absurdly exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics make people of either sex look moronic, in my opinion.

I am glad I managed to get those words out in the right order.

Do you have any brothers name Miser?

I’m sure most of these people don’t have implants anyway. Surprising as it may be, some chicks just naturally have MASSIVE TITS. Did you just hear too many “ironing board” jokes or what? Anyway, some people say anything you can’t fit in your mouth is a waste… YMMV.

When you are behind her, all you have is the feel. :wink:

Natural ones feel great!

Don’t believe you! You’re saying you wouldn’t look twice at a stunningly beautiful 26 year old girl with fake boobs?

samarm There are always anomolies

Bigger is not better when it comes to boobs. Gimme a petite woman with a handfull over Pamela-Lee-anderson-Rock-[insert name here] anyday…

I am just going to disagree here with the OP. While there are many ‘big boobs’ in the Pamela Anderson mold, I would disagree that ‘every’ attractive woman in media (film, tv, print etc) has big bubble boobs. Let’s look at the People magazine (about as pop and trendy a magazine as you will find) 50 most beautiful people of 2002 I eliminated the men.

Out of these, Spears is the only one I would call ‘bubble’ boobs. There are some here I can’t picture off the top of my head (bad publicists no doubt) so maybe I am missing someone with the bubbles, but go down the list for yourself. I’d say your rant is about five years too late, and the tide has turned back to natural.