Heidi's boobs

For those of you totally lacking in culture, Heidi is a contestant on the current episode of Survivor.


From what discussion I have encountered, the consensus seems to be that she has been surgically augmented.

I am sure this topic has been addressed at length on these boards before (tho my limited searches found no recent threads - at least in this forum). But I was interested in folks’ opinions concerning breast augmentation, and theories why an otherwise healthy, attractive, fit young woman would undergo it.

First of, I firmly believe every individual is entitled to do with their body what they will. But I am curious as to what motivates some folk to take certain actions.

Heidi is 24 and single. A gym teacher in Missouri. In my opinion (and I suspect, much of at least white American culture) she seems relatively attractive and quite fit. Why would such a person elect to go through the expense and discomfort of breast augmentation? Do you suspect it is simply because she desires a career on TV or modeling following Survivor? Does she do it because she personally prefers a large-breasted self image? Because guys prefer it?

And guys, what do you think? Would you be more attracted to a healthy, fit, attractive young woman with small breasts, or with implants? And why?

I don’t understand what her reasons might be, but it suggests some kind of insecurity to me. And personally, I don’t see large artificial breats as an improvement over natural however small either in terms of appearance or - ahem - function.

The former, please, every time. Don’t like implants - I’ve never felt 'em, but I get the impression they’d be… weird. Not to mention the lack of nippular sensitivity that is allegedly the result of implants.

And yes, she looks like they are.

Wow. She’s got nice boobs.

What was the question?

I haven’t made a detailed analysis, but it looks like Jenna’s boobs are way huger than Heidi’s; Heidi just has a smaller frame to compare them to. If anybody is accusing anybody of getting the girls worked on, they should look towards Jenna, the swimsuit model…

I have implants. They’re great. Nothing but good results. They look real, feel real, and I still have the sensations.

Here’s some pics of me so you can see them:

I’m the redhead with short bangs.

I withdraw my assertions then: arguing from ignorance is never a good thing to do.

I guess my male aesthetic objection is to ones that look unreal, as many seem to.

Small’uns. Love 'em. Love 'em to death. Just a personal preference. And as I’m already taken, no woman need worry (ha) that I’m turning her down based on her boobies.

No clue about the questions you asked, but I just wanted to say that I am really, really relieved this is not about Heidi the children’s book character.

I’m not sure why people are so convinced Heidi’s are artificial. Just looking at that picture, there’s no reason to think they are that I can see. They’re not abnormally large or rounded, or anything else. She’s only 24, way too young for them to be sagging either. Some women really do just have nice breasts.

Personally, I have always preferred large, natural breasts. And I usually end up dating rather large-framed women, since they’re the ones who tend to be so endowed. But I’m not sure if I just prefer bigger women in general though, too, since I’m a pretty big guy.
In general, I don’t think any woman is better off with falsies. Some, like strippers and models, see real increases in income after getting implants. But beyond that, I can’t understand why some women feel the need. I might notice a woman’s breasts before her personality, but only the latter could keep me hooked long-term.

I know that this is off topic, but Hubba Hubba!

Thanks, love. We like to take lots of pics when we go out.

Based on the Survivor footage from last night, I thought her breasts looked artificially enhanced. When she bent over you could see a sort of foldy skin separation between the implant and her chest (sorry, I don’t know exactly how to describe it and I’m a little hesitant to look for pictures at work) which I’ve seen before on augmentations.

Here’s a link which better shows the tell-tale striations of a boob job:


Thems not natural.

To me, natural boobs are always more attractive than augmented boobs. No matter how attractive a girl may be, if it’s obvious she’s been augmented, I don’t feel any attractive feelings towards her. All I can think about is how there are two plastic bags in there.

One reason for the turn-off is that I wonder about the motiviation for the augmentation, especially when they are C cup and above. Was it done to manipulate men? Take something that’s an extremely visible, sexual object for men and make it even bigger? Makes me think she did it to get more attention from men than she had before. For me, that’s not the type of person who I want to be with. But many men do like them. I’ve heard strippers often say that they make a lot more money post-augmentation.

And if you watch Survivor, Heidi makes many references to how boob-crazy guys are. She even mentions at one time the women should go topless in a competition to gain the advantage. So I feel that she definitely got the augmentation to better hypnotize guys who fall for that. But her powers are useless over me! Useless I say!

Heidi’s are fake without a doubt…

I think a girl would want to do get them for herself… not for the way other people will look at them… but for how they look at themselves… and say… “I would look great with a bigger chest”

I said the same thing… but i am a guy… so I just started working out…

what is worse is that I know a guy, who has calve muscle implants!!! come on… work out you lazy bastard…

Thanks for the reply and pix, Indy. Looks like you have a great group of friends. And (tho my opinion on such matters should mean exactly nothing) you appear quite attractive and personable.

Would you be so kind as to answer a couple of questions?

Why did you choose to have implants, and what specific “good results” do you refer to?

Please understand that I ask purely out of a desire to understand, not to judge. As I said, whatever anyone wants to do with their own body is up to them. But I am curious about some choices.

I’m a little older than you. The one person I know who had implants is a 50-ish friend of the family. She is really in shape, quite attractive with a great body. And I always thought her relatively small bust contributed to her seeming somewhat younger - more girlish as it were. Now she has this incredible set. But somehow she seems older… I don’t know. She looks great in certain clothes, but I thought she looked pretty incredible before.

She is either lactating or she has support you can’t see in that picture (which may be a boob job, or may be some well placed electrical tape). You don’t have a C cup without sag and without a bra even if you are only 24.

Why? Maybe so she looks better to herself. Maybe so she looks better to men. Maybe because she wants to model and thinks it will help. Maybe she got a two for one deal and is a sucker for a bargain.

I haven’t had mine done, but sometimes I look at them and wish for the perkiness they had pre-baby (and pre 30s). Not enough for me to pay someone to take a knife to me however. Certainly my husband doesn’t care. I’m not interested in attracting men other than my husband. I’m not going to model. So its purely a vanity on my part.

Thanks Dins, I am thankful for that group of people every day of my life. They are the greatest example of a chosen family. /hijack

I got my implants in 1998, at the time I was working as a stripper. I had always made good money, so it wasn’t really for that reason, but of course it was a consideration. At the time I was a good deal more vain than I am now (believe it or not:D ) and I was determined to get breasts that matched my round butt and curvy hips.

I got lucky with mine, though. Many girls have terrible looking implants. Mine look natural and they feel really soft. I’ve had men who didn’t even realize they weren’t real until I told them. All in all, I had a good experience, but I’d recommend serious research and education for anyone considering this type of surgery. It ain’t for everyone.

I’ll have dreams of the Survivor bathing scene for years to come. Now it looks like Indygrrl will be ther too. :smiley:

I know a guy whose platform should he ever run for president would be free, required implants for all women on their 18th birthday. He says he’d win in a landslide. When I tell he’s stupid he tells me I must be gay. :rolleyes:

Other than that, he’s not a bad fellow.

Thanks for responding, Indy - tho now that my - um - interest is piqued, I believe a little more in depth research is required. Let’s see, if I hop on I-65 right now, I should get to Indy before Happy Hour is over …

I am often interested in why people make choices different that I imagine I would make. Of course, I am so greatly limited by my inability to accurately conceive of what it would be like to be other than my gender, age, race, etc.

I can imagine that there are many women out there who have the perkiness-enhancing type of implants, which I may be completely unaware of. But some look so obvious and - to me - unattractive. And of all the things I have heard guys say about women’s bodies, I have never heard a guy say he really liked big obviously fake boobs. I mean - maybe a pig (face it - we guys are all pigs at one time or another) will say " Nice rack, I’d love to do that!" - but I doubt that is the type of reaction most women desire from that type of guy. Certainly not enough to undergo surgery.

Like this woman I mentioned before. She had a nice body and enjoyed showing it off. Her smaller bust always struck me as “perky.” Now, with her larger bust, she seems somehow matronly. Well, I’m sure she didn’t do it to impress me anyway …

Personally, I figure my looks aren’t so special that any one (or two) surgical changes would make all that much of an improvement. So I tend to concentrate (to the extent that I concentrate on my appearance) on fitness and grooming instead.