Have cooking question...Dutch possibly

I have been trying to find a seasoning that is used at our favorite restaurant. The owner wrote it down for me straight off the label but I can’t find it anywhere. Need help… It is Spekulaas, which I believe is also a popular Dutch cookie. The folks at the cafe swear that is what the seasoning is called. I have spent much time on internet looking for it to no avail so am calling on those of you on SDMB that may know of it.

I did some searching online and found a page advertising it as a spice mix - but spelled speculaas, and saying it’s also called quatre epices sweet. The page says it’s made from allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. I found other hits for “quatre epices sweet” online as well.

Thank you so much…everytime we try something wonderful in this cafe and ask what is in it they mention this seasoning. They make awesome beignets (much better than mine!) they include this seasoning in them as well.

BTW, How does one Herd a Ferret? :dubious:

I’m just chiming in to say that **Ferret Herder ** is right. Speculaas is a very popular Dutch cookie. It’s a really ordinary cookie, but the dough is flavoured by “speculaaskruiden”, a mix of spices. In recent years trendy restaurants have made it a fad to make speculaas flavored ice, and desserts, or to even add it to coffee.

You can make it yourself. The recipe is:
30 gram cinnamon powder
10 gram clove powder
10 gram nutmeg
5 gram white pepper
5 gram anised
5 gram corianderseed

Thouroughly ground the spices and mix. Sieve through a fine sieve, then ground the remaining larger pieces again. Keep cool and dark.

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Are Speculaas the same as french Speculoos (thin, dark, crisp, rectangular cookies that taste of burnt caramel and spices)?

That’s a very accurate desription of the Dutch speculaas, yes. Real speculaascookies have almondslivers on the back. You can also get speculaas filled with a kind of marzipan.

I just read that certain cooks who make their own speculaasherbmix also add ginger, cardamon or vanilla. I suppose everybody has their own secret recipe.

Terrific information. I have had no luck finding this in the U.S. so think I will probably mix my own. I hope the restaurants continue to use this seasoning as we have loved those foods we have tasted using this either in or on. (had pecan halves that had a light dust of the “speculaaskruiden” then oven roasted, Delicious!) So again, thanks for the info.

Glad to be of service, ma’m. :lifts traditional lace hat:

One last addition though: I’ve seen that one last ingredient is said to be the secret weapon in speculaasherbs: allspice (“piment”). Good luck experimenting making your own perfect mix!

And quite the tasty morsel it is. My penpal in The Netherlands sends me a couple every Christmas. They are oval spice cakes, about the size of a chicken breast, with almond filling and toasted sliced almonds on top. I always thought the spices used were a bit out of the ordinary, now I see that is so. A cup of tea, and one of these babies, is a rare treat.