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Seems like a good place to ask. What word means demonstrating what a fool you are when trying to prove the other person is a fool? We have all seen it. A reply that starts " you are an idiot when you said “blah blah”,
when it is …" followed by some totally incorrect data or conclusion, followed by two dozen exclamation marks.not so much ‘every body knows’ or ‘a well known fact’ but a complete misunderstanding of the facts.And now back to the flaming. ONLY a complete idiot would ask that!!!Where did you go to school,I learned that in the second grade!!! Everybody knows the word is Sylinderrikul- “of or pretaining to a sphear.”

Contestant #3

I subscribe to Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Day.” Here was today’s:

I think this term applies to a lot of people around here.

I set um up,chief knocks um down.Wish I had thought to say" and it is NOT…"
Thanx,strainger,see i wanta call some one that.He is a COMPLETE JACK ASS !!! AND…
Kinda scared now ,you think it was just a coincedence you got that word today?Please say yes.I used to get that service but all I got were words like superfluous and redundant,and otios.BTW YOU ARE WRONG!!! THERE ARE NO NO NO PEOPLE LIKE THAT AROUND HERE!!!( i don’t get to BBQ very often)AND YOU’RE UGLY TOO!!!


Illiterate little shits! The word is wenii, not wenen. I mean, really, it’s so SELF-EVIDENT! And I don’t give a flying fuck WHAT the dictionary says, you KNOW I’m right!

Slythe you are 156% WRONG! Everybody and his cousin knows wenii is the plural of wenius,which is what you are! I looked it up in MY dictionary. I don’t mean a dictionary I bought,I don’t trust those,I mean the one I wrote,I KNOW it’s right. "Wenius (noun),pronounced the way it looks, as far from a genius as you can get. As in,‘SLYTHE is a real wenius!’ "

Your keyboard seems to be broken. Did you know that when you type the letter “g” it prints out the letter “w”?
Otherwise, thank you very much for the (well-deserved) compliment.

Oh, I’m glad that I’m a pompous overweener
That is what I realy like to beeEEEeee.
Because I am a pompous overweener,
All I ever thinks about is me!

(Apologies to Oscar Meyer)

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

On behalf of Oscar, who I do not know,but my exclusive references , which only I have access to,tell me EVERYTHING about him, Your apology is NOT accepted! BEGONE! NEVER DARKEN MY MONITOR AGAIN! I bet yor father wishes he had used a condiment when he thinks about you!

He did use a condiment, it was “Spanish Fly”

So, what do we call someone:

  1. who corrects others in a cocky, ego-maniacal, supercilious, cavalier, sactimonious, pompous, and haughty manner; and,

  2. who, by the fact that their own correction is fallacious, is being a self-righteous, self-important, self-justified, self-satisfied, self-elected, self-ordained, self-styled, self-aggrandizing, full-of-himself jerk?

Simple, they are pretentious or cocksure. (Twit and asshole are the more common nouns paired with these words, respectively.)
Personally, I like to stretch the language in a metaphorical sense and would call that one a self-basting idiot. (Especially when the flames start.)


Moriah, the word-ranger <“We need thesaurus power, now!!”

…with relish.