Have feminists and 'the left' finally opened their eyes?

Denmark’s Karen Jespersen and Ralf Pittelkow have written a
book warning of the conquest by Islamic fundamentalists in Europe:
“Islamists and Naivists”

The book’s main argument is that Europeans who ignore the threat posed by Islamists belong to a new and dangerous tribe of “naivists,” a term coined by the authors. This may not sound so radical at a time when the pope has upset the Islamic world by quoting a medieval passage calling Islam “evil and inhuman” and when Islamic terrorist plots have put Europe on edge.

But the book also equates Islamic fundamentalists with Nazis and Communists - a provocative stand on the heels of the cartoon crisis, which strengthened a backlash against immigrants that was already brewing here.

The authors’ backgrounds could hardly be more mainstream. Pittelkow, a former literature professor and prominent Social Democrat, advised former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen before becoming a commentator for Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published the Muhammad cartoons.

Jespersen, Pittelkow’s wife, is a former interior minister and social affair minister who belonged to a leftist revolutionary party in her youth.

Do you think we’ll get a same sort of reaction from the Muslim world as we did when those cartoons made the headlines?

[and if Rune happens to read this: Damn, I wish I was a Dane.
You’re the true heroes of Europe.]

I doubt it’ll get the same reaction. It’s a book, so it has a much smaller readership than newspapers by nature, and it’s not something that hasn’t been said before. On the flip side, when Europeans in general finally clue into what is about to happen to their continent b/c of the influx of islamic fundamentalism i think they may be might pissed off. Who’s to say what event/article/book will finally spark that fire. I leave it to those more knowledgeable than me to try and parse that out.

All I can say to Europe is this. Good luck with remaining culturally intact.

Saw your thread title, and wrote the following in Notepad before opening it.

Haven’t read your OP, but I will say that, despite CIA protestations to the contrary, I believe this thread is the final proof of the connection between you and Rune. Time to invade.

Shhh. Don’t use that word in front of Americans.

I am old, Father Wlliam, and my once razor sharp intellect has been dulled by the constant grating of it against the sandpaper of time.

What do feminists and ‘the left’ have to do with the OP?

That’s hot!

The authors’ backgrounds could hardly be more mainstream. Pittelkow is a former literature professor and prominent Social Democrat.

Jespersen, Pittelkow’s wife, is a former interior minister and social affair minister who belonged to a leftist revolutionary party in her youth.

OK, I’ve finally brought myself to read the thread. Here’s my precis:

gum: Euro lefties writes book that says OMG fundamentalist Muslims are bastards!!! I agree they’re all bastards!!!

Well strike me down with a feather.

Perhaps surprisingly to the OP and friends, I dislike fundamentalist Muslims too. Passionately. I’m glad that, unlike the OP, I have the cognitive abilities and emotional maturity to distinguish the murderous assholes from the Muslims I know, am friends with, work with, buy booze off, and live amongst.

Ramadan mubarak.

Why thank you.
What an insightful answer.

You know, ofcourse, all about the OP’s relationships with muslims, right?

and a Rosh Hassanah to you.

So one author is a liberal, and another’s wife used to be a leftist? And this somehow translates into “feminists and ‘the left’?” Are you serious? If Bill O’Reilly writes a pornographic novel does that mean that ‘the right’ advocates smut?
What is the debate here?

Only within the context of having observed your increasingly obsessive posts about Muslims over the past three-or-so years, and the deterioration of your opinions on this subject into outright prejudice during that time.

And the same to you, fellow atheist.

Yat another bigoted screed from gum towards Muslins.

Why is she allowed to to this over and over? Would a member of the SDMB remain in good standing if they did the same w/Xtianity?

It’s the old logical conundrum of “I can tolerate anything except intolerence”. From the Left’s viewpoint, the real dilemma is “what if intolerence isn’t merely the personal private flaw of individuals; what if entire cultures can be fundamentally anti-liberal?” That runs squarely against a cherished axiom of multiculturalism: that all cultures (with the exception of white southern Americans) are equally valid on their own terms, and to condemn Third World societies as backward is imperialism.

This dilemma has been creeping up on the Left for some time now. Feminists have had to confront the entrenched practice of female “circumcision” (castration) in Africa and the Middle East, and the people who rever Tibetian Buddhism have had to confront the Chinese government’s suppression of Tibet’s culture.

Surprise! White Westerners aren’t the only people who are arrogent, racist and illiberal when given the chance.

I thought the same happened regularly with Christianity :confused:

Here you’ve misrepresented the concept of multiculturalism. I specifically moved into my new house because of the multiculturalism of the area (Hindu, Sikh, Jesus Freak, Muslim, Jew, Buddhists too, etc.) - but in my opinion the cultures expressed therein should not transgress the laws of this country. And thankfully they don’t. I probably disagree with many views of households around me, but that’s fine by me as long as I’m not negatively impacted thereby.

Is it fine by you if a household around you practices female circumcision, since you are not negatively impacted thereby?

I think that there are some things that can be agreed upon as being Not Good[sup]TM[/sup], no matter how much cultural history is behind them.

Of course, what things are Not Good[sup]TM[/sup] changes over time, but that’s OK.

Are you serious?

You can’t be serious. I see you in the “Christianity Suxorz” threads. Name one poster who got banned just because they posted bigoted screeds against Christians. Or atheists, for that matter.

Some frothing fundamentalists HAVE gotten themselves banned…but that was for personal attacks and refusal to abide by the registration agreement. No one has ever gotten banned simply for religious bigotry.

I want to know what Azizah Al-Hibri says about it. In the early 90s, confronted with the annoying phenomenon of poststructuralist feminism and also by only-slightly-less-annoying socialist femisnists, hers was the vision that clarified.

I am (cautiously, with bail-out reservations) more prepared to follow her lead than anyone else’s. I have no illusions about America unless they are unduly negative ones, I think.

A. Al-Hibri, what’s your take on modern expansionist Islam?

::goes off to read::

Those interested in the OP’s book may also want to check out While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer. Quite an interesting read.

You’re still here. Der Trihs is still here.

I’m not sure that this thread rises to the levewl of “debate,” (if a real debate does not breeak out, soon, it is probably headed for the Pit), but while I find gum’s anti-Islam tirades boring, they are certainly not the only screeds against religion that are tolerated on this board.