Have SAT Scores Ever Been Reported to the Nearest Point?

Every so often you see SAT scores discussed for some politician or other worthy. These are usually old, old scores, maybe 30 or 40 years old.

SAT scores these days are always multiples of 10. Going back a ways, I took the SAT in 1986 and my scores also were always multiples of 10, and I believe I have seen scoring tables for some years in which some multiples of 10 were skipped, e.g. you could get 680 or 700 but nothing in between.

Yet, in the news, I’ve seen a couple of cases where people have claimed oddball scores like 642. Were scores reported as other than multiples of 10 in days gone by? The best answer would be from someone who took the SAT a long time ago and in fact received a score that was not a multiple of 10.

1982, multiples of 10.


Yup. The year was 1969. Verbal, 745. Math, 764.

The LSAT also had “to-the-point” scoring when I took it in 1974. It was then, like the SAT, an 800-point max test, and I got 792.

The switch to rounding was between 1970 and 1973. There was also another change made after 1973 when scores above 800 were changed to just 800.

On the SAT, I don’t believe it was ever possible to score higher than 800. By definition, I thought 800 meant that you’d gotten every question correct. I’ve certainly never encountered anyone who scored higher than 800.

My father took them around 1969, and they were to-the-point. He received a 797 on the history exam.

Thanks to rounding, I received an 800.

Is it possible that this is a regional thing? Because I took mine in '94 and was given scores to the point. I don’t remember the separate scores, but the last two digits of my combined were 11, which hardly counts as a mutiple of 10.

You don’t need a perfect score to get an 800. The curve is different for each test, in fact. Getting one wrong each on the math and verbal sections last May gave a 780M/800V score. Each subject test is different as well; for the Math IIc, you can leave a number blank or wrong, and still get an 800.

I took mine in, 1989 (? or thereabouts) and got 695M/730V. Where’d the 695 come from if they were supposed to be in multiples of 10? :confused:


Not directly on topic but related.

Zack Morris scored a 1502 on the SATs in the 90s, so it must be possible.