Have the Pawn Stars Screwed The Experts Who Helped Make Them?

I am a latecomer to this show and I notice that almost all the old experts they used to use are no longer on the show. I have heard that the old arms guy Saun Rich (?) claimed that the show demanded that he sign a restrictive contract to remain on the show.

So…whats the truth?

Hated last season as it played out so phony. It seemed like they were trying to make Chumlee into a star.

What are your thoughts?

Well, Shaun Rich has his own show, “Lords of War” on National Geographic, which is probably why you don’t see him as much. Plus, you have Danny Koker’s “Counting Cars” and Rick Dale’s “American Restoration.”

At least two of them got their own shows:


So they certainly didn’t get screwed.

Dammit! Ninja’d.

They need to buy more books so we can see more of Rebecca the Book Babe.

I’ve heard most of the show is fabricated just like most reality tv shows. A lot of the items are already owned by the local experts and are staged to look like they’re being brought in off the street by average joe.
Others are interesting items owned by people who are asked to be on the show to pose as sellers but aren’t really selling their items.

We always made fun of the old autograph guy they’d have in. He’d always bring in this giant case and pull out a huge magnifying glass. Don’t remember anything else being shown from the case. Always looked like he was wearing a toupee too.

This season they seem to have dumped him for someone from PSA…

Or just give her a show of her own. I’d be happy with that.

Johnny the Toy expert is one of the few original experts still on. But I don’t see many old toys on the show anymore.

They had a Louis Armstrong Tin Toy this week and didn’t bring in an expert.

I think they still use the same Guitar expert from a local shop? Can’t recall his name.

Lemme call a buddy of mine who’s an expert on Pawn Stars experts.

Here’s what seems to be the most recent list of experts they use.

Has anyone else read Rick Harrison’s book? I did, and it’s quite funny and a good story. However, throughout the book, he talks about how much he loves his wife, and they had already separated by the time the book was released. I understand he left her for a woman who used to be a man. :eek:


Well played.

What happened to Olivia, the girl with the tats that Chumlee was always mooning over?


I think she’s mostly on nights and I don’t think they do a lot of filming (or have much business) at night.

Oops, my bad, apparently she was fired.

Plus Rick/Hoss/Old Man can’t even work the front of the store anymore due to the crowds. They also can’t ever have cameras filming while people are actually conducting trades in the store due to confidentiality laws, so in the “I found this in my grandmother’s ashes and it looks like it’s General Patton’s class ring” scenes it’s so staged that the customers you see milling around in the back are really extras and the store is closed for shooting.

Thank you for all the responses.

Im enjoying the newest episodes a lot less than the older ones. YMMV.

Yep, read the book. Some interesting stuff about his/their life and about the pawn business (especially in Vegas). I also remember him making a point about how in the pawn business you really need to know your stuff about what things are worth because customers won’t put up with you taking time to research the value, even a quick internet lookup. On they show, it looks like 80% or more of the stuff brought in they have to have “a buddy of mine” take a look at.

I’m also put off, to the point of dropping the show, with the attempt to put all of the (fake?) controversy between the players. I don’t watch the tube to see people argue (although apparently a lot of people must really get off on it with as many shows that feature it).

Ever notice how most of the montage shots of customers milling around always include at least one cleavage shot?

I would really like to see at least one episode dedicated to all the items they have bought in the past and show how much they actually sold for and how long it took them to sell. Although the sell time may have been greatly reduced because of the advertising the stuff gets from being on the show.

Oh god how boring would a half hour of “I got this watch”/“I’ll give you $50 pawn for it” be?

So 90% of the stuff that comes in they can’t film (because it’s pawn, or boring) and that stuff is the stuff that the Harrisons and their best workers are able to deal with without help. Then on the show they do deal with a little less than half of the stuff without help (and then some of the time they get it wrong!) The biggest most exciting stuff requires an expert and that makes for better TV because it’s got a bit of a storyline. So that’s like 6% of the shit that comes into the shop requires an expert. Not too bad.

I don’t think anyone is supposed to think that we’re watching normal business-as-usual at Gold & Silver. That’s not what the show’s about. It’s about the junk! :slight_smile: