Have the SDMB health care debates changed anyone's mind?

Over the past year there have been dozens of threads and thousands upon thousands of posts exhaustively debating the issue of Health Care reform.

The purpose of this thread is not to rehash the argument.

My question is about people’s opinions, before and after, pertaining to the core issue of Universal Health Care (UHC). Without nitpicking about single payer, public option, or universal mandate for private insurance, has your opinion on this core issue (whether everybody be covered) changed as a result of these debates, or have they stayed the same?

My answer is: I was in favor of it before, and I’m still in favor. But I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to reexamine my beliefs against the best arguments to the contrary that are available.

I’m assuming you mean UHC in the U.S. I voted #1, but to me that really means I have not supported any of the proposals that have had a significant chance of being implemented. I can imagine a UHC system that I would be in favor of. To me, it’s all in the details, not the label.

Yes, to avoid any confusion I am talking about UHC in the U.S. With my American upbringing it’s so easy to forget there are other countries out there. :smiley:

Bumping this thread in hopes of getting a larger sample size. :wink:

Back in January, Bricker and I started discussing specific UHC proposals in this thread. He didn’t change my mind, and I don’t think I changed his, but we did eventually end up with a couple of things we could agree on.

I think this may be the most worthwhile poll I’ve seen yet, congrats.

The choices are well delineated and not obviously tilted, the language neutral, well done.

Informative too. I am impressed that some have been swayed, either way.

I really, really, really want to go into detail, but I’ll keep it short.

I was for federal healthcare, because I’ve had my healthcare payed by the government all my life, and I know I’m better off because of it. I started reading some of the counter proposals, and was convinced that maybe I was wrong. But then, as I kept reading, I realized that quite a lot of these proposals were based on ideas that I think are immoral. So now I’m back to being for it.

So I guess I have to go with option 2, but that doesn’t really get at the heart of it.

Nothing here has made me change my mind, but Congress has. I really don’t want those bozos to have anything to do with my healthcare. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the vote to continue the ban on drugs from Canada. I have to take drugs that literally keep me alive. If I had to buy them here I’d have to starve to pay for them. Rather than taking action for the sake of the consumer, Congress sided with the drug companies. Though, in theory, I’m in favor of a public option, they would turn it into a disaster.