Have there been christian palestinian suicide bombers

Dennis Prager wrote this column on Townhall (a conservative journal)

Palestinian terror provides the answer. About 25 percent of Palestinians are Christian, yet if there are any Palestinian Christian suicide bombers, I am unaware of them.

Is this true? What about non-religious palestinians, have they done many suicide bombings?

Suicide bombings? Not that I’m aware of ( though I wouldn’t categorically rule it out ). Remote car bombings and executions/assassinations? Yep.

The PFLP, a secular Palestinian group founded by and until 2000 led by George Habash, a Palestinian of Christian background, participated in numerous bombings, murders, and hijackings ( in fact they pretty much pioneered political airline hijackings - among other events they were the group behind the famous Entebbe hijacking ). As recently as 2002 they were accused of planning to plant a car bomb in Tel Aviv.

The DFLP, an ideologically similar splinter from the above group, founded and led by another Christian, Nayef Hawatameh, most famously was involved in the massacre of a group of Israeli teenagers back in the 1970’s and have been active as late as 2001. Of course it should be kept in mind that both Habash and Hawatameh were psuedo-Marxists, so it is an open question as to how seriously they took the Christianity they were raised in.

Palestinian Christians have traditionally been just as hostile towards Israel as Palestinian Muslims and have rounded out the ranks of organizations like the above and Fatah. However sucide bombings have become something of an ideological weapon of the Islamists among the Palestinians, what with the talk of martyrdom, which is obviously a little less likely to motivate Palestinian Christians ( or secular Palestinians for that matter ).

Of course other ideologies can substitute nicely for radical Islamism and you can certainly find examples ( though less commonly ) of secularist suicide bombings, most prominently in Turkey and Lebanon. Also at least one Sikh group has also used the tactic and of course the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka are still the reigning champs ( though Hamas et al may pass them eventually ).

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