Have they invented a decent women's electric shaver yet?

When I was young my parents insisted that if I was going to shave my legs, I use an electric shaver (there was a bloody incident that preceded this decision…still have the scar!) and I hated it. The stupid thing never gave me a close enough shave, so even after wasting time doing it, I still ended up with stubble nearly as bad as two-three days after using a real razor. So, once I got a little older, I stopped using it.

Has women’s electric shaver technology significantly improved over the past fifteen or so years, or does using one still mean you can’t get a close shave?


Because decent women shave with a blade, you floozy.

Besides color and shape of the handle, what’s the difference between women’s and men’s electric shavers?

This isn’t necessarily a shaver, but a hair removal system nonetheless that I’d been looking at lately and considering switching to:

No! No! hair removal
No! No! review

It appears to be worth a try, but it’s expensive.

I would try that No No!

reminds me of the barbers in Turkey who use a flaming cotton ball and slap it around your face and neck to finish off any hairs left on their customers. Saw that on TV with that bizarre foods guy.

Though they’re the same shape with regular razors, the shape of the head is different in a lot of cases with electrics. I have no idea why.

Well, sure, during the summer, but who wants to put that much effort into shaving when you’re not wearing shorts?

Thanks for the link to the article, astro.

Have you tried the Seiko CleanCut? Supposedly its the choice of porn stars. :slight_smile: