Have to admit that dancing hurdler everyone is talking about is as cute as a button

This isa video clip making the rounds.

She’s way young relative to me, but I have to admit her little warming up dance turns is as cute as anything I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also an absolutely magnificent physical specimen.

She looks so happy!

And, yeah. Fine physical specimen. I admire.

[Borat voice]
She’s verrry, very nice!

Check out this Spanish athlete’s warmup routine.

She appears to be fairly good, at running that is. She easily won her heat. But she isn’t going to be at the Olympics. Apparently placing 5th in the World Junior Championships and similar achievements doesn’t make her Olympic caliber.

Marketing droids everywhere are disappointed.

Just wait until she grows up and loses all that baby fat.

Yeowzaaa!! Sexy, baby, Sexy!!

She’d be hard to catch.

Her best time for the event is 13.39. The Aus. Jr. record is 13.01. That’s an eternity at that level.
The world record is 12.21.

But yeah, cute as a button.

I apparently need to invest more heavily in buttons.

I’ve watched this video, and the one I posted in this thread, way too many times this weekend. But at least the latter doesn’t make me feel like a dirty old man…

It wasn’t set on this track by any chance, was it?

I’d have posted sooner, but I’ve been watching the video for the past 3 hours…

WTF! I call this bait and switch, I didn’t expect to see something so appalling when clicking this. I mean you made me watch golf, come on!

Saw the original clip on Yahoo the other day. She’s cute, although the writer for the article made it sound like she was dry humping the hurdle, not just adorably bouncing around.

Not disappointed, mind you.

That’s dancing? She’s jumping up and down and shimmying. It looks like she’s shaking off some pre-race jitters. She’s a cute girl, but that’s not the sexy dancing I expected.