Have we stopped making tragedy jokes? I haven't heard any about the Surfside collapse tragedy

Some events almost write their own jokes, some don’t. I can’t come up with something about the collapse that seem jokey, can you? And I don’t mean can’t because of the tragicness of it, I mean the dryness. (If dozens of people died because they were in a bus swerving to avoid a chicken crossing the road, that’s another matter.)

… gnarly wipeout …

I don’t remember any jokes about that. (I had just graduated from high school, and lived a few hours away.)

My brother moved to KC a few years after that, and he vaguely remembered it and asked someone about it, and was told in no uncertain terms not to bring it up in polite conversation; if a local wanted to talk about it, they would, because you don’t know who had a friend or relative who was a victim.

Fear stalks the land.

I was in college at the time Waco happened, and days after that in a writing class we had to invent some product ads. One of mine was for Texas-Style Roasted Nuts.

South Park did an episode where there was a set amount of time before you could joke about a tragedy. Obviously there’s no set number, but eventually there will be jokes about it. Humor is one coping mechanism.

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush. He spoke to Koresh through a burning Branch.

A joke about a tragedy has to be really funny to be forgiven. Miami House of Pancakes isn’t going to cut it.

I have always thought this thread was one of the board’s bright moments:

Many of the jokes seemed funnier at the time.

I remember jokes about the Challenger, but not about the other two events.

ETA: in reply to the OP,

Why did the residents have breakfast so early? Because the surf was flat latter on …

Making jokes about David Koresh was okay. Making jokes about any other victims was not.

Thank you for providing me with your absolute declaration of propriety. Of only I could have consulted with you before I made my error.

I remember being astounded how quickly after the Challenger tragedy I heard a joke about it; I think it was the very next morning, and this was pre-internet.

It was a pretty funny line, too.


If you heard such a joke cold, is it wrong to laugh?

Now repeating it, that’s probably right out.

It is not easy, maybe not possible, to control what you spontaneously laugh at.

If you laugh inappropriately (and who hasn’t?), someone saying, “that’s not funny” is being judgmental and unfair.


What does NASA stand for? Need Another Seven Astronauts.

I also heard that in 2003, after the Columbia disaster.

Yeah, that’s the one.

It wasn’t really pre-internet. It was just pre-widely-accessible-internet. Usenet was the predominant message board in those days, for those who had access. This was long before Usenet was largely ruined by Eternal September.

There was definitely an entire thread of Challenger jokes beginning promptly after the event. I expect there’s still an archive of it on-line somewhere.

By “pre-internet”, I meant… (sigh)…never mind.