Have you armed an insurgent today?

I pay my taxes, and some of that money goes toward the situation in Iraq whether I like it or not. Some of that money goes to purchasing guns. I understand that mistakes happen, but since I’m paying for part of it, maybe we could keep better track of them.

Why yes! Yes I have, why I just…oh…what?

I’m not supposed to arm insurgents? Can I relabel them “surgent-ignorant”?

You can make donations, but they’re not tax deductible. That’s where they get you.

I have to ask. Is it even physically possible to be this fucking stupid by accident? It’s like Forrest Gump decided to make a career out of the military after all.

I see this is already being pitted. I guess I was so unsurprised, that I couldn’t muster enough vitriol for a pitting.

This is not the first time that American military weapons have ended up in the hands of the wrong people, and it probably won’t be the last. Frankly I’m surprised that this didn’t happen in Iraq several years sooner, given the competence of the persons in charge.