Have You Assembled A Bowflex?

How tough is it?



No, but my SO want to cancel our gym memberships and get a Bowflex and an elliptical.

Are they supposedly hard to assemble? I am usually the person called upon to assemble anything around here, and I never thought of that.

Never assembled one, but saw one delivered once and it did come in umpteen boxes.

No, really. Umpteen.

Well, maybe ten or twelve or something. A lot.

Yo Quas never put one together myself BUT if you’re luck is like mine. There’ll be some catch22. You’ll probably have to be in really good shape to do it. :wink:

In truth, a friend of mine had one. Said he put it together easy and quick. Never used it much. Tried to give it away but I don’t think he ever did. Man, I carry cross ties and work with a shovel waaay too much. Pour concrete and roof houses. Constantly bending over and climbing up and down ladders and stairs all day. Work outs? Screw that.

There’s a recall on some Bowflex gear. Some of it comes apart with a hazard to the user. Contact Bowflex to see if your equipment is part of the recall.

Can I ask what a Bowflex is please.

It’s an excersize machine advertised a lot on television.

It’s a workout system similar to a weight bench except instaed of weights it uses a system of flexible rods and heavy rubber straps. I always went with free weights and nautilus myself. Back when I did work out a lot anyway, and lots of racquetball. :smiley:

Thank you. I’m a lazy arse, biggest weight I lift is my very large coffee cup :smiley:

I can understand that :wink: I still work hard so I don’t have to work out.
However, I do lift a few pints now and then, 16ounce curls is what we refer to it as around here. Mostly what I lift these days is shots of ice cold liquid gold.

**Suburban Plankton ** put ours together. It didn’t seem that difficult. We really like ours. We just need to use it more often. LOL!