Have you been a good consumer, to keep the economy going?

A. There’s stuff you just end up buying, even though it provides little enjoyment:

  • Siding for homes
  • driveways
  • landscaping
  • roofing
  • major healthcare bill

Or perhaps the gas company decided your line leaks and you will ned to pay them $700

B. Stuff you enjoy, like SUVs, pianos etc.

We bought carpeting for 5 rooms today. Somewhere between the A and B categories.So, create your own category, if you wish.

My husband and I remodeled two rooms. Spent a bundle on carpet (nice stuff) new furnature, paint and paining accessories,and all that sort of crap. Cost a fortune…Just doin’ my part

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

Now I realize I have a lot of work to do, moving furniture, packing junk, to clear out 3 bedrooms.I thought I was just spending money.

I bought a stereo for my office. Was gonna get a car stereo this weekend, but the credit card bill for the former came in, so…

Yer pal,

Speaking of stereos, I had the oddest Pioneer car Stereo, with one of those removable face plates. The buttons went erratic after a year, random errors all the time. Now I stick to Sony, even the cheapest Sony will do.

Oh yeah. When our credit card balance starting to look like the GNP of some small, developing countries, I feel that me and my wife have done our fair share in the economy. :slight_smile:

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Yeah, I buy stereos sometimes, even though Im deaf and can’t hear them [Actually I can hear them but the sound is ‘fuzzy’].

I think the economy sucks here because the local Chamber of Commerce asks new members to volunteer products or services & if they do they get referrals & if they don’t they get on the bottom of list. Stupid Quote from our Chamber director:
‘They should be able to get permit approval for the largest house ever in this city [5000 sqft] because it would bring more customers to our city [NOTE: Family of 2]’