Have You Eaten at a "Kitchen Nightmare"?

Not just any old nightmare - one featured on the show of the same name! (British or American edition)

I’ve eaten at “The Black Pearl” (American edition). 90% sure it was post-Ramsey (most because I did not recognize the pre-Ramsey decor). It was okay, but we found it overpriced and nothing special.

Which “The Black Pearl”? I’ve eaten at one by that name in Newport, RI that was good.

The Black Pearl in NYC closed pretty quickly after the show aired. The one in RI is unconnected to it.

Thanks. Is there a list of restaurants covered by the show/s?

Wiki’s article has all the restaurants he’s been to.

Thanks. Looks like I’ve avoided them all.

I haven’t eaten there, but I’ve driven by Sebastians in Burbank numerous times. It always looks like it’s closed.

On searching I see that it did close last year.

Yes, Giuseppe’s in Macomb Township, MI, is literally around the corner from my parents’ house. I ate there before the air date, and while the food was good, the place was DEAD. I’ve never seen the episode, though; does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy?

Holy crap, I’ve also eaten at Jack’s on the Waterfront! I need to see both of these episodes. I just found them on hulu, so I guess I know what I’m doing after work tomorrow!

Check out the Black Pearl website. The home page is nothing but a tirade exposing “the asswipe” Gordon Ramsay (may he “rot in hell, where he belongs”). No hard feelings there.

I keep meaning to head to the local Italian place that was featured (the episode airs on Jan 22 -* Casa Roma* in Lancaster). I wonder if it’s even open; evidently it has been here for about 50 years but the paper article on Ramsay’s appearance there was the first I ever heard about it. That has to be at least half their problem right there.

I don’t know where you can get a copy, but it was a pretty touching and memorable episode. The Father was pretty sick and set in running the restaurant his way (diabetes and other problems), and had little confidence in his son’s ability. One of their other Chefs quit because of Ramsey, I believe. Kind of a prodigal son episode… lots of emotion.

From what I saw of their location it didn’t look too conducive to business. I don’t know what it is about those Restaurants tucked back into strip malls, but even I am reluctant to try them. If I ever opened a restaurant it would be a standalone right on the edge of the street.

Found it. Here’s a link to Giuseppes’ episode on hulu.

I live near the Seascape and had driven past it many many times. After watching the show I’m glad I never ate there. They sold it 5 months after Ramsay was there, and the new restaurant STILL hasn’t opened yet.

This show isn’t half of what the British version is. It all seems terribly contrived, and I never get the feeling that the restaurant has changed in any lasting way…