Have you ever accidentally used the wrong bathroom?

Last week I was on vacation in Paris, and I spent much of a day at the Louvre. Anyway, I had to use the bathroom while I was there, so I wandered into a bathroom and entered a stall. After a few minutes, I noticed that a couple of people who wandered in after me had awfully high voices. Maybe they’re prepubescent boys, I hoped. My fears were confirmed a couple minutes later when I looked through the crack in the stall door and saw a woman standing at the sink! All I could do was sit tight until the bathroom cleared out again and I could make a dash for the exit. It ended up being about a 20-minute wait. Afterwards I recalled the scene in American Pie where the same thing happened. Has anything similar ever happened to any other Doper?

Once, in college. I walked into the bathroom and my thought process was “Hmm they have couches in here now? They have a condom machine…wait those are tam-…time to leave”

In my defense, it was a men’s bathroom a week earlier. I had used it plenty of times. A note on the door that it had changed would have been helpful.

The closest I’ve been is almost following a friend into the bathroom. I don’t think it was an attempt to ditch me, but you never know.

I have been in the men’s room when women came in, though. I find I can’t finish going until they leave.

It happened to me twice, within the space of about a month.

I was at the junior college. There were two restrooms. I chose, instinctively, the one on the right. “Hmmmm…no stalls…but, much nicer design scheme! Kinder, gentler, I guess…”
When I walked out, I saw some guys going into the ‘ladies room.’ Ooops!

A few weeks later, went with some friends to microbrewery. Chose the one on the right again!

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Are you sure this wasn’t a unisex bathroom? I’m not sure about the Louvre, but many in Europe are unisex. And why not?

There’s a chain of faux-Irish pubs in the UK called O’Neills, and at one point they just labelled the toilet doors with Fir and Mna. I now know which one is which. It’s an odd thing - I don’t mind women being in the gents - sometimes you’ve got to piss urgently and the cubicles/stalls are not so busy in the mens - but the other way round is like “Fuuuuuuck this is the wrong place, I’m not a seedy pervert, honest!”.

I’ve used a men’s room on occasion, but each time I knew that it was a men’s room. I just had to pee so badly that I didn’t care. The women’s room was out of commission each time. I did holler that I needed to use it, and I never got any man telling me not to come in. I did have one guy invite me in.

I was at a mall, where the bathrooms were at the end of a couple of long corridors. As I walked down the hall, a man came out of one of the bathrooms, so I naturally assumed it was the men’s room and headed in. Right away I noticed the lack of urinals and the vending machines on the wall…WTF? I turned to leave, and almost bumped into a woman coming in. Her eyes went wide as I excused myself and hurried away. I don’t know what the guy was doing in there before me–was he just not paying attention, or was there some other reason?

All I know is that I check the sign on restroom doors twice now before going in.

There’s a bar in Sacramento with a door for each bathroom. On one door, it says “Men” but there’s a big finger painted on the door pointing to the OTHER door. On the other door, it says “Women” with a big finger pointing at the other door.

If you disregard the fingers pointing, you end up in the wrong bathroom.

As a boy, in the 70s.

I was visiting the Primate House, at the Milwaukee Zoo, got turned around, & went through the wrong door.

I was studying in the library in college and was struck with a sudden overwhelming need. I was on the opposite side that I usually studied on, and didn’t realize there was mirror symmetry in the men’s and women’s rooms. As I was in no condition to study it out, I just rushed in the one I thought was right. Several minutes later, I started noticing weird things in the stall. Pull alarms? What the hell? What are those receptacles? Oh, shit. At this point, several women’s feet had come in and I had to wait them out and hope no one else came in. My shoes were very large and masculine, but no one said anything. I was sure I was going to get arrested.

After about ten minutes it finally cleared out and I burst out of there as quick as possible and didn’t look back. I went to a different floor men’s room to wash my hands.

Same here. Several times over the years, and I think once it was somewhere in Britain. I just really had to go.

No. But once I was on the turn pike in PA traveling either to or from Philly. I had to urinate NOW. For some reason I had it in my head that all the Men’s rooms were on the left and all the Lady’s rooms were on the right on the turnpike. I went into the lady’s room, looked up at a startled woman (being just as startled myself) and said: Oh I’m sorry. And walked out. She said: Thank you. Which seemed like an odd response, but no doubt she was as flustered as I was.

Ladies’ rooms have couches?

A few times – fortunately figuring it out before sitting down.

Well I’ve never seen couches in the actual tiled bathroom area, they are usually in an antechamber you walk through before entering the bathroom. (And I’ve usually only seen them in fancier places like theatres.)

Not that I remember, but somewhat related: once last year I was blindsided by my gym swapping male and female locker rooms. I noticed it a metre in, and withdrew quickly and silently.

It was indeed the women’s bathroom. I checked as I was making my escape.

One time when I was little, I was at a Mexican restaurant and didn’t know if caballeros meant men and damas meant women, or if it was the other way around. I simply took a guess, and luckily I picked the right one.

I did once in high school. I walked to the right-hand room and found…hey, wait a minute, the tile’s looking a bit different. I wonder if they changed it…

Then I saw the urinals. :smack:

Luckily, no one was around at the time, but I beat a pretty hasty retreat. What was mindboggling was that I’d used that bathroom hundreds of times. They hadn’t switched the rooms or anything, I’d just blundered into the wrong one. I think I just had a massive brain fart.

I’ve done this twice. Once I went in, looking for a urinal. Took me a minute to figure out why there weren’t any in the room, and beat a hasty retreat. Luckily, the bathroom was otherwise unoccupied.

Second time, at a movie theater, I walked into the wrong room and saw a woman standing at the sink, looking at me. I immediately apologized and got the hell out of there. Must have had a great expression on my face, because she damned near ruptured something laughing at me.