Have you ever been a major vector for a communicable disease?

This head lice thread over in MPSIMS got me thinking about this. Let’s leave out the STD’s, because if one were to be passing one of them to a significant number of people, they probably don’t wanna brag about it.

Back in kindergarten, I was one of the first 2-3 people to come down w/ chicken pox. After being out of school for 1 1/2-2 weeks, I came back to class. Out of the 23-25 kids normally in my class, there were 2 other kids besides myself left standing. We had over a 90% absentee rate for the remainder of the week. At the time, it was pretty neat for me, it was basically a week full of snacks, naps, and coloring because they couldn’t teach w/ no students there.

I can’t say that I was the one kid who got it all started (though I guess I could’ve been). I’m sure I played a role in it though. So, any else here who’s knocked out over 50+% of their co-workers or students along the line?

I’ve apparently been an early adopter for H1N1, in that I finally feel human again. A friend’s visit started on the first day I was sick, then she went home to the other side of the continent.

I got chicken pox when I was 31. I worked for a courier service at the time so I came into brief contact with who knows how many that day. The vesicles didn’t appear until that evening.

When I was in college I lived in a rooming house. Early in the year I caught the flu, and gave it to all my housemates. My nickname became “Germ.”

Heh… the mention of college reminded me of something. I knew a guy who’d break out w/ pinkeye at least twice a year. He nailed nearly 80% of our friend circle w/ the damn thing. I was a victim, but I never passed it on to any roommates/friends because I was aware of how damn contagious the thing is.

His whiny girlfriend who constantly scratched her eyes and touched any damn thing in sight is another story… Thank god for Lysol