Have you ever been handcuffed by law enforcement personnel?

Well, how about it? Have you been handcuffed by a police officer? Mall cop*? Military police? Security guard*? Basically anybody whose duties include enforcement of the law?

  • I am stretching the definition of law enforcement to include mall cops and security guards just because I want to see how many dopers have had brushes with the law on whatever level.
    Poll will appear momentarily.

I take exception to the misuse of the word “momentarily,” unless you have some way of making the poll go away after just a moment.

Not me. I live a dull life.

What are you going to do? Handcuff me?


I can’t vote in the poll as I’m on my phone, but yes, for a psych stay. Apparently, if they think you’re going to be a harm to yourself, in the good old handcuffs ya go.

Years ago I had filed a petition to have a child support order enforced. My ex was so far in arrears that a warrant was issued. When he arrived at the court house and checked in with the clerk deputies immediately cuffed him and took him to a holding room. I didn’t see any of that. I was in the plain ol’ waiting room.

Even though he was far from being my favorite person at that time, when deputies walked him in cuffed (with his hands in front of him) I burst into tears.

(The charge was dropped a few minutes later when he agreed to a payment arrangement)

I myself have never been handcuffed by anyone other than with plastic play sets when I was wee and kids still played “cops and robbers.”

Nope and I would like to keep it that way. Only when I was playing with other kids.

No. Held at gunpoint (many, many gunpoints), yes.

I voted for yes, but not what you think, but its also not what you think you don’t think. :smiley:

When I was a Boy Scout we had a policeman come and talk to our troop, and he used me to demonstrate how he would apprehend someone.

Not sure if this counts, but a friend of mine is training to be a special constable at the moment. She spent several hours practicing her handcuff technique on me a few weeks ago. I still have the bruises on my wrists as she really was in need of practice! The modern rigid cuffs can be quite painful when you try to resist.

The technique for getting a handcuffed prisoner from the ground to a standing position is quite amazing. But very easy to get wrong and cause a lot of pain.

I’m just glad that she passed the assessment on handcuffs and I don’t have to suffer any more.

Would you care to share? Sounds exciting.

Today? No.

Oh, wait. You asked “ever”.


I can wear handcuffs but I can’t be in handcuffs.
I have never been beaten while in handcuffs.
I have never been maliciously tortured while wearing hand cuffs.
I never put handcuffs on my Mother.
… Wait, what was the question again?

Yep! Been arrested, fingerprinted, photoed, the whole deal.

Mistaken claim by a witness; guy thought I was trying car door handles in a parking lot. I wasn’t. Case was dropped. Police were very professional: no rough stuff, handled the whole thing entirely properly.

Y’know something? Handcuffs hurt. Never gonna get me to use them as sex toys.

Yes. Was put in the car, cuffed but then after questioning let go with a warning.

I suppose in the technical sense of the question, I have to answer yes.

When I went through the police academy, we spent quite a lot of time learning handcuffing technique and of course, we practiced on each other.

I’ve told the story before here. The moral is “Never walk out of a bank at 10 pm carrying large tool cases, having been seen entering said bank at 9 pm, even if you are there on completely legitimate business.”

I had NO IDEA how many sheriffs were drawing a bead on us until they called all-clear and we heard the rattle of safeties going on all around. Maybe… fifteen?

This all began with a relaxed exit from the bank, hearing, “Um, gentlemen?” and looking over to see a 500-caliber muzzle looking at us with a sheriff attached behind it. We were only aware of him and his partner on the other side, not the arc of deputies out in the dark parking lot.

A number of times. Foremost in my memories:

Being confused with an armed robber of a nearby Kohl’s department store. I ran over to Taco Bell to pick up lunch for coworkers (maybe my second week on that job). During the transaction, someone robbed the Kohl’s in the same parking lot, and the perp description of “white, long hair” led me to being shoved to the sidewalk, cuffed, hauled into the police station, and only released hours later when witnesses literally burst out laughing when they were asked to identify me. Made for a really awkward “first few weeks” initiation period at the new job (“Why were you on lunch for four hours?” “I was handcuffed to a wall in a police station… sorry the burritos are cold.”) until police officers began coming by throughout the next week to verify that I worked there.

Cuffed on lunch break at work; I had a habit of heading home to cook some food, lying in my car, reading a book. Enough for cops charged with patrolling the area to cuff me. Convinced them to take me to my job and talk to my manager. “Yeah, he works here. Any chance you could let him go to finish his shift?”

Cuffed leaving a friend’s birthday party. Oddly, the friend was the daughter of a cop, but apparently local cops believed that anyone attending was going to be inebriated. I pulled off to sync my phone and car radio for the drive home, got surrounded by police, and was cuffed for a good couple of hours. The nexr two hours were tons of misleading questions and such from Indy’s finest like “what’s the birthday girl’s maiden name?!” (got her maiden name and husband’s name, both similar, confused… cuffed. Literally was the kind of distinction between “Morris” and “Morrison”). What’d you get her for her birthday? “Nothing.” “Oh, right.” Had to call a friend to pick me up (they threatened arrest if said friend was unable to respond), and I was in cuffs up until the point where she drove up. Then paid the next day to un-impound my car.

Yes, but she was off-duty at the time. Way off.


Mistaken identity. I guess all guys on orange motorcycles wearing silver helmets look the same. Apparently my evil motorcycle riding twin had eluded officers on surface streets. When I was spotted cruising up the interstate a little bit later, I was public enemy #1.

I was pulled over, but the cop did not approach me. He stayed in his car, and used his PA to tell me step off the bike, and raise my hands. I then stood there like that for about 3 minutes until 2 other patrol cars arrived. Now that back up had arrived I was told to remove my helmet and lay spread eagle face down. I was then cuffed and hauled up to see 3 officers, one picking me up, two with weapons drawn but not pointed.

They asked where my ID was, and questioned about my recent path through their fine city. After about 10 minutes, they began to realize I wasn’t their guy.

Their guy - NC plates
Me - GA plates
Their guy - no bags
Me- tail bag and duffle
Their guy - t-shirt
Me - Blue, Black, and white motorcycle jacket.

Anyway, cuffs removed, kind of an apology, along the line of “we have to do our job, blah, blah.”

Damn cuffs do hurt, especially when put on none too gently.