Have You Ever Been So Hungry

Have you ever been so hungry that you have eaten an entire pizza pie? I was so hungry today that I ate an entire pizza. Ugh. It just seems ridiculous that I was that famished.

Oh yea quite a bit when I was younger I used to do it all the time . I could do it now at age 52 but I would have a lot more pain from it! I am amazed that I wasn’t 400 pounds when I was younger but I had a pretty high metabolism

I used to eat a whole pizza easily. I could go to Pizza Hut’s buffet and eat at least 10 slices in one visit.

What size pizza are we talking about? 6 inches? 20 inches? or that world record 122 foot pizza made in South Africa?

What kind of crust? Think, thin, cheese-filled? Do you have to eat the crust to qualify?

A medium pizza

I could probably manage a medium 10" pizza if it was thin crust with not too much cheese. I would be wandering around moaning "I ate too much’ after that though. I’d never do it by choice. When I was 20, maybe.

P.S. The question in the OP is “have you ever done it?” My answer is No.

Oh, easy. When I was younger I ate anything I fancied, and as much of it as possible. A medium pizza? No brainer. Followed by icecream or cookies or cake. Washed down with copious amounts of wine or gin and tonics. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also had a high metabolism, plus am fairly active. Now in my 50s? No way can I eat that much food in one sitting, it would make me feel ill.

yes, it’s why I avoid pizza. I can eat a whole one, no problem, then feel like crap and hate myself for the rest of the day.

I could easily eat a 10" pizza. When I was a student four of us went regularly to a pizza joint and we each got a 10" and two Pepsis (when they were 12 oz) and finished them. I could still do it today (but I wouldn’t).

I’ve done it a few times, and it’s usually not because I was hungry before, but because the pizza just happened to be particularly delicious and I just can’t stop myself.

Not large pizzas, they’re medium sized, and low on content. The thicker and higher piled the pizza, the harder it is for me to eat the whole thing, naturally enough.

I have come close.

Personal theory: there’s actually a disconnect between how hungry you are, and how much you actually need to eat to quell that hunger. But as humans we’re not good at seeing that disconnect.

Your body needs X amount to feel sated (“I’m incredibly famished and I need some food”), but your head tells you you need X+Y to feel sated, where Y is the difference between X and the amount of food available (“I’m incredibly famished and I need to eat an entire pizza pie”). You may already be physically stuffed after the first three slices, but you are still thinking along X+Y lines and this overrides actual satiation, and you will continue eating until visible available food is done.

If you were feeling unbelievably hungry and were only given, say, three slices of pizza, then offered three more in twenty minutes’ time, your body would probably reach satiation after those initial slices, and you wouldn’t feel like eating much more.

Yes, obviously. Hell, I’ve eaten two 12" pizzas before, if I’ve actually been hungry. One large pizza is easy.

This is why I’m a fat bastard, though. I would order pizza now, but I have to get up for work in 4 hours. I should probably log off and go to bed.

Define “medium.” As in 10"? Sure, not even a question. About once a year, my high school buddies and I meet up at a pizza joint and the four of us down five or six 14" pizzas between the four of us, eating equal portions, more or less. And, no, I’m not a big guy, nor do I have an amazing metabolism.

Heck I did it a few days ago. I’d say 3 times a month on average, and somehow I’ve managed to remain at around 155 lbs. for the last 5 years.

I just could never fit that much food in - and I’m not skinny (anymore).

This rings true to me as well. When I diet for a bodybuilding show and I finish the show, the first post-show meal is tricky. There is a battle being waged between my brain and my stomach as to who gets the say as to what and how much I stuff myself with. In the end, the stomach always win.

The last time I competed, I easily ate an entire pizza, that was nothing. Next up were the Oreo Cakesters. OMG, orgasms of culinary pleasure just exploding left and right! :smiley: I couldn’t stop! But my stomach was not having this. It was accustomed to tiny, carbohydrate-scarce meals every three hours, not this gut-busting collection of saturated fat, cholesterol, carbs and grease (plus the sugar). I began to feel painful throbs in my stomach.

But those Cakesters were pure ecstacy in my mouth, my brain was screaming at my stomach, “Stop being a pansy, I put up with months of torture, now dammit you are not going to mess this up for me!” But my stomach revolted, and I ended up puking up all the goodies I had greedily crammed down my gullet. :frowning:

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Easily, though I do not do it often.

Shit, a medium pizza? No problem. I’ve probably eaten that much at one sitting at least once in the last couple of months. I’m not a body builder, but I do work out regularly and am nowhere close to fat. It’s not an everyday thing for me to eat that much, but I do, on occasion.

When I was in high school I was on the swimming team and the diving team at the same time, so I had 3 hour+ practices. One of my biology assignments was tracking what we ate for a week. I averaged over 3000 calories. I ate 5 or 6 times a day.

I genuflect to your awesomeness.