Have you ever been to a cooking class where the person teaching is godawful?

Haven’t had it personally, but I know there’s enough hacks out there that it’s happened to somebody

Not awful… but we did go to a collaborative cooking class where one dish out of the 4 or 5 didn’t turn out that great.
Couples were taught all the dishes by the instructor but then each couple was then made responsible for one of the dishes in the meal.
The dessert, avocado cupcakes, came out a little dry. Not bad, but not great.

The instructor just kept going about how bad they were, but not blaming the couple directly just awkwardly saying things like “I don’t know what happened these always come out perfect.”

The rest of us are saying “No, they’re fine. It’s fine.” Trying to make the couple who made them not feel like they ruined everything.
But the instructor just wouldn’t stop bringing it up.

I went to a Middle Eastern cooking “class” that a friend had bought at a fundraising auction. The instructor wasn’t a professional cook or teacher, she was just a really good cook. The first problem was that she informed me I was a useless male because I didn’t know where anything was in someone else’s kitchen. The second problem was that she was Palestinian, and couldn’t go 30 seconds without saying something disparaging or insulting about Israel & Israelis. Didn’t learn a thing, but the food was awesome.

Not a real cooking class but a show (does that qualify?) That James-something guy in “The Urban Peasant.” I actually like watching his show. Very practical, especially in his main mantra which is nothing-longer-than-thirty-minutes, and use-whatever-is-there. But his creations are sometimes outright despicable. Onetime, he made a green salad mixed with old steamed rice that came from the fridge.

Avocado cupcakes? Something tells me that failed before it was even made.

Avocado cupcakes are pretty common.