Have you ever been to jail or prison?

I was just reading a thread about homosexuals/rapes in prison and it was mentioned by someone that that they were in jail at 17. Thinking back, I remember other SDMBers stating about time spent in jail or prison. So, a little survey and storytelling:

Have you ever been to jail or prison?

If yes, for how long?

If you don’t mind, what for?
I have. When I was 14 I was arrested for shoplifting and spent a few hours in jail. Nothing big.

I also spent the night in jail when I was 17 years old. I was charged with possession of firearms and was released the next day. I ended up pleading out and was referred to JASP.

I spent 30 days in the brig while in the Marines, also.

Only as a visitor. I’ve been to a few jails (for clients) and one prison (visited a client once; visited my father-in-law multiple times).

Sounds a little more serious than the previous two.

Nope, and I don’t want to.

I managed to get myself arrested last year, and although it was an in-and-out routine and minor call for the cops, and the cops were relatively gentle with me, the two hours I was deprived of my liberty in the police lock-up were absolutely… not terrifying so much… but degrading, humiliating, and downright awful. I’d do anything to avoid jail (mostly that consists of trying to be a goody-goody, but if I had a choice of a $20k fine or a week in jail, I reckon I’d find the $20k, come hell or high water).


Only as a visitor, but it was still a scary experience. When it hit me that I’d be walking home in glorious sunshine while my friend had to stay in there… well, it was an eye-opener.

Yes and no. Saving it for my book!

Yep. A couple of times in juvie for shoplifting at 12/13 - the first time was for a few hours. My folks left me there to rot overnight for the second time.

I also came amazingly close to getting arrested and doing serious time as a teenager/young adult, but was lucky enough to never actually get busted. I’ve since cleaned up my act, though I still need to get a haircut.

The nearest I’ve ever been to jail was picking my son up there after his DUI arrest last month. The little punk.

Closest I ever want to be to a jail, too – I was definately scared straight. Even the waiting room chairs are uncomfortable at jail!

My boy was scared straight, too. He doesn’t ever want to go back there.

My husband has been in jail himself (drunk and disorderly, before we met), and he says that, while being in jail is no fun at all, picking your kid up at jail is worse.

I did some time at Marion.

(Marion County, IN Jail, that is)

I was innocent I tells ya! But I was charged with public intoxication. Spent about 35 hours in one giant cell along with everyone else that was arrested during the Indy 500 weekend in 1997. So we had who knows what kind of thugs locked up with us. Luckily I was with some friends and we just sat back to back to back and did our time until we could bail out.

It was horrible. There were 4 toilets and only 2 of them worked, and there was no toilet paper. I think there were 4 or 5 mattress-less beds for the 120 or so of us. We gave away our bag lunch baloney sandwiches , but kept the brown paper bags just in case we did have to use the facilities. It was a lot like the third-world jails I’ve seen on TV.

For those that don’t get the reference, Marion Correctional is a Federal Supermax prison. Quite a bit different from a county lock-up.


As an aside, how do you know your mother lives in a bad neighborhood ? When she tells her she’s gotten compliments from the neighorhood women on how great a mother she is, because neither of her sons has been to prison. :eek:

My Hubby goes to prison every day. He works there.

I’ve only gone once, as a visitor.

Never been myself, but had to drop off and then pick up an ex that was in for 10 days. It was for his 2nd DUI in a 2 month span.

I’ve been in the city lockup once, overnight.

I won’t go into details but it was motor vehicle related (not DWI!!) and I had it reduced to a much, much less serious charge that has since been expunged.

Only as a visitor. One of my closest friends was in jail for 6 months on charges brought on by being witness to her husband’s crimes and not turning him in. (Failure to protect, I think it was called)

It was very scary and I felt very out of place. After she told me that your size is printed on the outside of your shirt in giant black lettering, I made a solemn vow that I would never do anything jail-worthy.

My paternal grandfather, my aunts and uncles all worked at Louisiana State Penitentiary (aka “Angola” or “The Farm”), so I have been on the prison grounds many times.

There is housing for correctional officers (prison guards) within the prison. As a little kid my bother and I were taken there to go trick-or-treating at Halloween because it was safe place. Hindsight: :eek:

As I got older, I saw Angola as a brutal, horrible place. My uncles were guards, but they were just as bad as the inmates.

It was a strange, twisted place that effected anyone who stayed there for very long. I’ll be very happy when the Mississippi River finally swallows it.

If you’re curious, the inmates publish a magazine, The Angolite . It can be very eye-opening.


24 years

I work there

Kind of curious as to what your take is on the thread in GQ homosexuality and rape in prison .

Once, in the 1960’s and only for about 20mins :rolleyes:

Actually once in 1994 for about 6-7 hours for underage drinking. I was just there until my dad came and picked me up. Dad was not a happy guy to get a call from the sheriff at 3:00 AM.

One more prison worker calling in.

You can get used to almost anything, but once being a prisoner seems normal, or holds no worries for you, the whole life costs to you are extremely high.

I’ve been to many jails and a prison or two, visiting clients. Even though I knew I was walking out of the place when my business there was completed, it’s a really odd feeling when you hear that door clang shut behind you. I no longer do criminal cases, so my jail visiting days are mostly over. Can’t say I’ll miss it.