Have you ever been to Knoebel's?

The amusement park, that is.

I’m not planning on going, but a friend is going this weekend.

What was it like for you?

Knoebels is one of my favorite parks. It’s old timey, out in the woods, free parking, free admission (you can buy wristbands if you don’t want to buy tickets), plus they serve great food including pierogies and birch beer (they win a lot of food awards). It’s not a huge, world class park like Cedar Point, but more family oriented and fun. It’s a bit like stepping back in time. Their main coasters are The Phoenix and The Twister, both wooden. They also are one of the last parks to have a dark ride.
Their train ride is pretty cool if you’re into that, goes out in the woods and under the coasters. I always liked it at night. Also, I’m not sure if they still do it, but if you get to the park early before the rides open, you can grab breakfast at the restaurant next to The Phoenix (The International House - they didn’t really advertise this).
Anything specific you/they want to know? My family is from close by and I used to go every year. I missed going for about 5 years and went last summer while attending a cousin’s funeral. We all actually went to the park and rode the coasters in his memory.

I don’t really have any specific questions, I just want to learn more about it.

What’s a dark ride?

We go to their Phall Phun Phest every October (I think this year will be our 15th), plus the occasional mid-season trip every few years.

Simply the best family park in the country. Terrific rides, low prices, excellent park food, all around a great time. About my only complaint is that they’ve been consistently too good, and now our “hidden discovery” park is now well-known. Our first few years at PPP, there would be a couple hundred people there – now it’s well into the thousands. Crowds have taken some of the shine off the place.

Is the Black Diamond worth it? I must say that I’m interested in it because it is apparently based on the “Golden Nugget Mine Ride” from Wildwood, NJ.

It’s not based on it, it is the Golden Nugget. Knoebels’ bought the track and trains, and, a few modifications aside, it’s the same ride.

And yes, it holds up very nicely.

Dark Ride.

Basically an enclosed ride that has effects and stuff. In this case it’s a haunted house ride. Cheesy as anything, but I ride it like 3 times a day (it costs extra, like $1.50 or something).

I don’t think the Black Diamond was operating when I was there…if it was, I will be pissed.

Ah, OK. The amusement park where I went a lot as a kid had one called the Golden Nugget. No animations, just weird stuff. One part was a spinning tunnel that made it feel like you were turning upside down.

It wasn’t. It didn’t open until last October.

lost4life nailed it. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned is that there’s a campground adjacent to the park - you can pitch your tent practically under a roller coaster. I’ve never camped there, but I have some friends who do it all the time and they love it.

Good point. They also have cabins, but I guess you have to book way ahead of time.

Yeah, my friend is camping there. But they’re bringing a pop-up camper.

Was this at Hunt’s Pier in in Wildwood, NJ (on the “Jersey Shore”)? I have fond memories of riding this as a child. It did have a spinning tunnel. It seems that it shut down in the late 90’s, then opened up briefly in the 2000’s before closing down for good. I haven’t ridden it in over ten years and would love to again.

No, this was at Roseland Park in Canandaigua, NY. Your post got me wondering if it was sold to Hunt’s Pier. Nope. It was sold to Knoebel’s and is now called the Black Diamond. :eek:

Apparently it is very different now.

Correction, they bought it from Hunt’s Pier, who bought it from Roseland Park.

So we’ve all been on the same ride but in different states and in different decades. How wild is that?

Knoebel’s has the sweetest bumper cars I’ve ever found - every other park is genteel in comparison. Also, teaberry ice cream!

Oh yeah, teaberry is big in that area, and yes, you can hurt people with those bumper cars. They are the real deal. We just went to Dollywood and man, the bumper cars were lamer than lame. I like The Whip, but mainly because it looks like it’s from the 1920’s (AFAIK it could be).
I also found their souvenirs to be very reasonably priced. Don’t forget to buy a pickle on a stick! And the corn, according to their sign, is a Buck-an-Ear…

I have not been since 94 or so, but the place was awesome when I was young. Free admission, free parking and just a real homey amusement park without all the commercial crap and crowds you get at Dorney, Six Flags or HersheyPark.

Knoebles: Yes. Friendly, old-time place.

Definitely a thumbs-up for families with little tykes.

Hunt’s Pier in Wildwood, NJ: Golden Nugget mine ride was there until the 90’s, then sat when Hunt’s Pier changed hands a few times, and then was taken down. Many old rides are parted out or sold outright. Pieces of the ride are in a museum in Wildwood, but it would not surprise me if most of it lives on somewhere. That ride is one of the special rides people who vactioned along the Jersey Shore will always cherish. Since the Wildwoods sit in the middle of the northeast corridor, countless folks who took summer vacations there are familiar with them. The Wildwoods have long served Philly, NYC and Quebec (yes, Quebec).


My sister doesn’t remember that ride, or even the park really.